Marijuana strains come in all kinds of varieties. Indica strains usually provide the most relaxing and soothing effects, making them perfect for users looking to relax, rest, or counteract pain and physical tension. The stimulating properties of sativa strains are useful for boosting your energy and creativity levels. Hybrid strains provide a mix of both.

As well as providing different types of effects, marijuana strains also differ in other ways, such as in their aroma and taste. Perhaps most importantly, strains differ significantly in terms of strength. When you’re looking for the most powerful, mind-bending, psychoactive high, you’ll want to look for the strongest strains out there. But when you want milder and more manageable effects, you’ll want to look for marijuana strains that won’t get you too high.

Some marijuana strains feel milder as they contain lower THC levels. Others have higher CBD levels, which can counteract the overpowering effects of THC. Some simply provide a pleasant and soothing high that never feels too overwhelming. Whichever way, here are 15 of the best marijuana strains that won’t get you too high.

1. Fruit Loops

If you’re a fan of fruity-tasting strains and mellow effects, then Fruit Loops is a must-try strain for you. You’ll instantly notice the alluring aroma of this strain, giving off hints of citrus fruits and berries due to its Grapefruit and Blueberry genetics. The flavor is just as enjoyable, and the effects are even more so.

The Fruit Loops strain usually carries moderate THC levels, meaning it’ll give you relaxing effects and help you with various medical symptoms without being too overpowering. It’s an ideal choice for users who want a fun and fruity strain to kick back with during the evening without feeling completely out of it.

2. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of the most popular strains overall, especially thanks to its uplifting sativa effects that can snap you out of a bad mood and give you an exceptional burst of creativity and motivation. All of this on top of a classic dank and earthy smell and taste makes it a stellar strain to use.

As soon as you smoke Durban Poison, you’ll experience a cerebral rush. You’ll be freed of stress and anxiety and lifted into a happy and joyful state. You’ll also feel much more creative and mentally focused so you can take on all kinds of tasks. While the effects are quite pronounced, they’re always enjoyable and you won’t feel overly high.

Durban Poison

3. Red Congolese

Red Congolese is another exceptional choice for sativa lovers. This strain can deliver mentally and physically uplifting effects without being overwhelming or overpowering. It has an earthy smell and taste with hints of lemons and mangoes that make it a pleasure to smoke and can come in handy for all kinds of situations.

This strain is a good choice when you want a strain to smoke with friends that’ll make you all feel happy, giggly, and social. It can also be great for times when you want to bust stress and anxiety and put yourself in a good mood. It’s ideal for morning or daytime use, especially as it can help boost your mood, motivation, and energy levels.

4. Confidential Cheese

Another top strain that’ll give you excellent effects without being too formidable is Confidential Cheese. As you might expect from the name, this strain is quite pungent with earthy and cheesy notes, although you’ll also catch hints of fruits and spices. Beyond that, you can expect some beautifully calming effects when you smoke it.

Confidential Cheese is known for making users feel calm and mellow. If you’ve had a rough day and need a strain to take the edge off and put you in a tranquil state, Confidential Cheese is a great choice. It won’t be too sedating and can even boost your mental focus and creativity. With that said, if you need to sleep, the warming and calming effects will help you do so.

5. Tahoe Frostbite

Tahoe Frostbite is a good choice for anyone looking for a fast-acting uplifting high. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that’s made by crossing Tahoe OG Kush and Frostbite, resulting in a strain with a rich flavor with hints of lemon, pine, berries, and hash. Of course, you can also expect excellent effects.

With THC levels of 15-18% THC, the high from Tahoe Frostbite doesn’t feel too strong. The physical effects are subtle and you can easily remain active all day under the influence of this strain, especially thanks to its ability to make you feel mentally alert, creative, and giggly. It’s a top strain for counteracting a range of mental conditions.

6. Mango Mac

Mango Mac is another enjoyable option for users who love fruity-tasting strains with uplifting effects. With 15-16% THC levels, Mango Mac isn’t too overwhelming and can give you a phenomenal high that’ll keep you feeling happy and active rather than dreamy and sedated.

Smoking this will give you a positive cerebral rush, taking away any stress or worries in your mind. You’ll feel more creative, sociable, and curious, and every activity you take part in will feel more fun. What’s more, it gives you smooth smoke and a delectable mango taste, making it very easy to enjoy whether you smoke or vape it.

Blackberry Kush

7. Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is a strain that’s made by crossing Afghani and Blackberry, resulting in an indica-dominant hybrid with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio and moderate THC levels of 12-15% THC. As such, this is one of the best marijuana strains that won’t get you too high but still give you a highly enjoyable experience.

Smoking this strain will give you a calm and mellow high that’s especially pleasant due to the physical effects. It can soothe your body and relieve aches and pains without leaving you feeling completely out of commission. As well as being helpful for physical issues, it can also help relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and more. The sweet and earthy taste makes it all the more enjoyable.

8. Purple Haze

Known as the inspiration for a Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze is a popular strain for good reason. Purple Haze carries an alluring scent and flavor that’s earthy yet fruity with hints of grapes and blueberries. It also delivers an excellent high that’s both uplifting and relaxing without being too overwhelming.

Purple Haze can boost your mental focus and energy levels. It can also make you much more chatty and creative. For the most part, the effects are enjoyable and manageable, although higher doses can give you a strong psychoactive experience. Whichever way, this strain will give you a sensational experience that’s easy to enjoy.

9. Elvis

Elvis is a hybrid strain that crosses the genetics of AK-47 with The Pure- a phenotype of Skunk #1. The result is a strain that packs an excellent mix of effects while also offering a rich and flavorful taste with hints of honey and vanilla.

It’s easy to enjoy the flavorful smoke of this strain, and it’s just as good for vaping. As the cerebrally-stimulating effects kick in, you’ll enjoy it even more. Elvis can make creative pursuits easier and make recreational activities such as watching movies or listening to music much more fun. It’s also a great strain for combating stress and mood disorders.

10. Fortune Cookies

You might also know this sativa-dominant hybrid strain as Cookies N Kush. It’s made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, two of the most popular strains that are known both for having sensational effects and amazing flavors. As you’d expect, Fortune Cookies is just as enjoyable.

Fortune Cookies has an interesting taste with herbal, honey, and earthy hints. The smoke goes down well and you’ll soon feel excited and stimulated. The mental effects last for a long time and can keep you energized, creative, and motivated. Soon after, you’ll feel relaxed and relieved of all stress and tension.


11. Nuken

Nuken is an indica-dominant strain that’s made by crossing God Bud and Kish, two fantastic strains in their own right. The THC levels of Nuken can vary quite dramatically from 13-25% THC, so while it can be exceptionally strong it’s usually quite moderate and can be used without getting you too high too quickly.
As for the effects, Nuken gives you a relaxing and soothing high that lasts for hours without leaving you feeling too hazy or sedated. It’ll take away any pain or tension in your body while also relieving you of stress and depression. Overall, this is a great strain to use in the evening when you want to mellow out but can be enjoyed throughout the day.

12. Space Queen

Space Queen is a fantastic hybrid strain that’s generally known for giving users an alluring fruity taste along with well-balanced effects. If you want a strain that isn’t too overpowering yet can still give you the best of relaxing indica and stimulating sativa properties, then Space Queen is always a good choice.

When you first smoke this strain, you’ll feel mentally uplifted and alert. Whether you want to do something creative, chat with friends, or simply lay back and watch movies or TV shows, everything will feel more fun and invigorating. The physical effects kick in later, making you feel lazy and couch-locked. You’ll also get hit by the munchies, so keep some of your favorite snacks nearby.

13. Orange Crush

With a zesty and tangy taste and moderate THC levels of around 15-20% THC, Orange Kush is another one of the best marijuana strains that won’t get you too high. With green buds packed with orange hairs, Orange Crush has great bag appeal. The orangey and lemony scent will also draw users in. The effects are even better.

Orange Crush brings on a long-lasting euphoric high. If you want to forget about any anxiety and stress and instead be in a happy and joyful mood for hours, Orange Crush will help. It can also relax your body and relieve symptoms of pain and nausea. Overall, this is an excellent strain that’s easy for any user to enjoy.

14. Grape Ape

Grape Ape is a renowned strain that carries a rich flavor and tremendous effects. It’s a hybrid strain that crosses the genetics of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and original Afghani, resulting in a mix of sativa and indica properties. With THC levels of 18-21%, it’ll give you solid effects without being too overpowering.

The smell and taste of this strain are fantastic. It’s known for carrying the scent of fresh berries and grapes, and the flavor is just as enjoyable when you smoke it. The effects are uplifting and euphoric, helping you counteract all kinds of mood problems while also making it easy to enjoy various activities. It also provides soothing physical effects that are great for knocking out pain and inflammation.

Grape Ape

15. Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze is another top-notch strain that’s well worth trying. It’s a sativa-dominant strain with a floral aroma and tropical taste, making it very pleasant to vape or smoke. While it can carry quite high THC levels, the high always feels smooth and enjoyable without being too overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a rush of euphoria and creative energy, then Cannalope Haze is a perfect strain for you. However, as time progresses, the mentally-uplifting effects wear off and you’ll be left in a happy and carefree state as soothing tingles make their way all over your body. Whether you’re looking to counteract physical or mental ailments, this strain can help.


These are some of the best marijuana strains that can give you a sensational high without hitting you too hard. However, there are plenty more to choose from. Whether you’re looking for other marijuana strains or even something stronger such as marijuana concentrates or edibles, you can find everything you need online at Leaf2Go Online Dipensary.