There’s an important choice to make when you buy marijuana- which kind of strain should you use? Each strain has unique properties when it comes to aroma, taste, and effects, but generally, indica strains are more relaxing and body-focused whereas sativa strains are more stimulating and head-focused. However, hybrid marijuana strains are some of the best and most versatile strains available.

Hybrid strains are strains that cross both indica and sativa genetics. As such, they give you the best of both worlds- a soothing physical high with a mind-boosting head high. They also help with all kinds of physical and mental symptoms. So what are the best hybrid marijuana strains on the market? Here are some of the greatest hybrid strains you can buy right now.

1. Purple Chemdawg

Purple Chemdawg crosses two top-notch strains, Granddaddy Purple and Chemdawg. The result is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with some stimulating sativa properties. Straight out of the bag, this strain has a ton of appeal with thick, colorful nugs and a rich aroma with hints of grape and diesel.

When you smoke Purple Chemdawg, you’ll get a sensational mix of effects. The fast-acting head rush will take away your worries while a deep and tranquil body high will set in. You’ll soon feel hazy and couch-locked, as well as getting the munchies. It’s also a great strain for tackling chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD.

Purple Chemdawg

2. Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze is another interesting hybrid strain that’s extremely sativa-dominant. In addition to the invigorating head high it gives you, it also provides relaxing physical effects thanks to the potent THC content which can reach as high as 28%.

You’ll swiftly feel an intense burst of mental energy when you smoke Cannalope Haze. It’ll make you feel happy and creative, and all of your senses will be sharpened. Every activity will seem more fascinating thanks to the cerebral effects. It also rewards you with a soothing body buzz that takes away all kinds of pain and physical tension.

3. Slurricane

Slurricane is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a ratio of 60:40 indica to sativa. It provides both uplifting mental effects and relaxing physical effects, making it both a great recreational strain and a versatile strain for medical users. Whether you’re looking to combat stress and anxiety or need something to take away your pain and help you sleep, Slurricane is a great choice.

From the first hit, Slurricane will hit you with a powerfully uplifting high. You’ll be relieved of any negativity while it puts you in a euphoric and joyous state of mind. The physical effects are just as enjoyable. It’ll start with soothing tingles that help relieve you of aches and strains, but eventually, you’ll feel couch-locked and sedated.


4. Yogi Diesel

Yogi Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Sour Diesel with Northern Lights #5. It offers a potent high with THC levels reaching up to 25%. However, despite having some nice relaxing properties, Yogi Diesel still leaves you alert and motivated to take on daily tasks.

When you use this strain, you’ll notice yourself feeling creative and optimistic. It’ll give you a nice burst of energy that makes you ready to tackle all kinds of activities. It also gives you a wave of physical relaxation that’s soothing without being sedating. This is another one of the best hybrid marijuana strains on the market- especially for those looking for a solid daytime strain.

5. Sour Grape

Sour Grape is a perfectly named hybrid strain. It’s a cross between Sour Diesel and Grape Ape, two prime strains known for their distinctive flavors. The result is a strain with a sweet and sour aroma and taste that resembles Sour Grapes. But beyond that, it’s also an excellent strain for both indica and sativa effects.

With a 50/50 ratio of indica to sativa, Sour Grape gives you a sensational balance of effects. It’ll stimulate your mind and boost your mood, making it a fantastic social strain as well as being excellent for daytime use. It also provides calming physical effects that relieve pain and inflammation. It offers an incredibly enjoyable high that isn’t too overwhelming, making it one of the best hybrid strains.

Sour Grape

6. Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Amnesia is a hybrid cross of Strawberry Cough and Amnesia. It gives you an amazing flavor that resembles fresh strawberries, along with a tremendous sativa-dominant high that’ll boost your mood and heighten your senses.

This strain will put you in an amazing mood. You’ll feel energetic and motivated with a burst in creativity. The mental effects are great for tackling issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Meanwhile, the physical effects help counteract pain, tension, headaches, and migraines. With a delicious taste and sensational effects, it’s a strain that all users will love.

7. Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush is a strain that’s well known for its distinctive pungent aroma. Opening a bag of Tuna Kush buds might remind you of opening a can of tuna. The sour, skunky taste isn’t quite as bad, but you may get a fishy aftertaste. Despite all that, many users love this strain for its incredible body high.

While it is a hybrid strain, Tuna Kush leans largely towards indica effects. It’ll give you a beautiful wave of physical relief, taking away all kinds of pain, aches, and strains. You’ll find yourself in a tranquil and peaceful state with no physical or mental tension whatsoever.

Ghost OG

8. Ghost OG

Ghost OG is another one of the best hybrid strains on the market. It has a ratio of about 70:30 indica to sativa, along with a fresh citrus smell and an amazing flavor. While the high gives you a nice burst of mental stimulation, it’s mainly known for its strong body high.

Smoking or vaping this strain will have a fast-acting soothing effect, both calming your mind and soothing your body of any pain or tension. It’s great for medical use as it can counteract anxiety and depression while also relieving you of chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and other physical symptoms.