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AAA Trim / Shake 1 OZ (28g)

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Part Number: flo-godr-puca-044-2-2
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Premium AAAA shake – small sticky buds, loaded with kief, great potency and smell, minimal leaves

We are constantly sourcing flowers for our branded pre rolls which leaves us with alot of quality shake as we do not use shake in our own pre rolls. We only purchase premium quality at low prices. We will never purchase washed bud! Always premium flower sourced from trusted sources, so you can guarantee it’s quality shake. Great for house joints, edibles, shatter, etc.

Here are some of our Past Strains that the shake would be a mix of:
– Red Congo
– Death Bubba
– UK Cheese
– Girl Scout Cookies
– Apollo 13
– Bubba Kush
– Blackberry Kush
– Glueberry OG
– Twisted Citrus
– Rockstar
– Love Potion

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