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AAA Trim / Shake 1 OZ (28g)

AAA Trim / Shake 1 OZ (28g)


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Premium AAAA shake – small sticky buds, loaded with kief, great potency and smell, minimal leaves

We are constantly sourcing flowers for our branded pre rolls which leaves us with alot of quality shake as we do not use shake in our own pre rolls. We only purchase premium quality at low prices. We will never purchase washed bud! Always premium flower sourced from trusted sources, so you can guarantee it’s quality shake. Great for house joints, edibles, shatter, etc.

Here are some of our Past Strains that the shake would be a mix of:
– Red Congo
– Death Bubba
– UK Cheese
– Girl Scout Cookies
– Apollo 13
– Bubba Kush
– Blackberry Kush
– Glueberry OG
– Twisted Citrus
– Rockstar
– Love Potion

Verified customer
BAD - BAD - BAD.... BAD POT : was sold to me as AAAA for 60$ an ounce. It has no potency, smells and tastes like hay ! BAD CUSTOMERS SERVICE: they never acknowledged my emails... BAD FOR YOUR BUDGET : you can get sooo much better for much le$$... I personally spent 180$ and they never gave a shit beside what they sent to me....
Reviewed by:  from Granby QC. on 6/29/2019
product SUCKS!!!!!!!!! -- don't waste one red cent on it! It's good for absolutely nothing beyond compost, and for that, it's way too expensive ....... an utter waste of money! Unfortunately, they don't have a 'rating' (below) set to zero ....
Reviewed by:  from Peterborough, Ontario. on 5/29/2019
lots of chlorophyl , very fine plugged filters , low thc , in the end 5gm of low grade dark oil .
Reviewed by:  from Saskatoon. on 5/13/2019
Happy with my purchase
Very happy with my purchase, I order this to make edibles. Never had any issues. Great quality, fast shipping. Thanks guys. I will definitely be reordering!
Reviewed by:  from Alberta. on 5/10/2019
first order was OK...second order was weak, weak, weak.....
Reviewed by:  from canada. on 4/13/2019
Its ii
I liked this for night time. It burned pretty alright. But it needed to be broken up aaaaa lottt and also its very dry and dusty like...so it burned quick.
Reviewed by:  from KITCHENER. on 3/20/2019
THC trim / shake
Haven't used this yet but plan to make some cream when I have all the ingredients. I know it's not as potent as the actual flowers but it may help a bit with my joint pain. Shipping is always fast from Leaf2go.
Reviewed by:  from NS. on 3/9/2019
this trim is good bang for your buck!
Reviewed by:  from canada. on 3/9/2019
Hit n Miss
last one i got was great. This one seems to be more leafy and less kief. doesn't smell good either, reminds me of old shake found on the floor of a drying room.
Reviewed by:  from Vegreville. on 3/7/2019
AAAA trim
Pretty good stuff for the price . Excellent for people who can't afford the high priced gear .Good for clients to injured to work and make real incomes.
Reviewed by:  from Labrador city . on 3/5/2019
Never buy this
Seller description = false info! Never buy this sh.t The bag is loaded with stick and big pieces of leaf! I cannot find any particule of kief... seller said trim come from per-roll (premium budz)... premium my a.. More then disapointed! I’ll never buy again!! I’ll say NO same for free!! Only good comments is fast/secure delivery! Shame to Leaf2go for selling this trim!
Reviewed by:  from Montreal . on 3/1/2019
Good bang for your buck!!
Good quality shake, nice little bud kernels and potent smell and minimal stock. Great for dry herb vape but maybe not the smoothest to smoke.
Reviewed by:  from New Brunswick. on 1/26/2019
Great deal and helps with my fibromyalgia I wish there were less sticks in it though
Reviewed by:  from Fort McMurray . on 1/10/2019
This is not for smoking people...
Reviewed by:  from Winnipeg. on 12/28/2018
If you buy this you r buying legit shake. Like the stuff I just received looks like it's been sitting around for a year. Been tossed around and all the kief has fallen off every single bit of it. Ide bet thts where the kief is from. Which is actually really good and worth it. But the shake isn't really smokable as its dry and very harsh and so many stems. Found a couple small nugs but ide say this stuff is just stems and very fine leaf. Wouldn't say smokable. Unless you absolutely need to. I guess it would be alright as a back up stash.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 8/24/2018
I must say this is some of the best trim I have seen in years. a very nice aroma. smokes very well. definatly need to moderate this trim, used wisely can cut the edge off or send you to bed.
Reviewed by:  from Regina. on 7/12/2018
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