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AAAA Kief 10 Grams - Medi Bud
AAAA Kief 10 Grams - Medi Bud

AAAA Kief 10 Grams - Medi Bud

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THC crystal shaken from a dried marijuana plant. Ideal for adding and increasing THC content in your joints and bowls. It will upgrade what ever needs a little kick for a very long time. Kief on its own is more potent than traditional flower, but less potent than most extracted concentrates like shatter, budder, wax, and oil. 

Collected from premium Medi Bud using a pollinator.

Medi Bud - Medibud (or Medi Bud) is an uplifting hybrid strain of unknown genetic origins, but many attribute its upbeat, active effects to sativa parentage. Others claim Medibud is a 60/40 indica-dominant cross, so it’s possible that this strain expresses itself in various phenotypes. Typically, you can expect high-energy euphoria and heightened sensory awareness from Medibud, but its indica-leaning phenotypes may induce heavier, more relaxing effects.

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