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Buy Medical Marijuana Weed Online Canada

Posted by on 8/7/2017 to News
Buy Medical Marijuana Weed Online Canada

Buying Medical Marijuana Weed Canada Online Safely 

The medical marijuana Canada industry is now on a high thanks to laxing laws around the world. 

More and more people, and especially the elderly, are beginning to use cannabis as a means of managing and curing a plethora of illnesses. These illnesses range from chronic back pain to glaucoma to cancer. Much information has been made available on the effectiveness of treating these diseases with cannabis. 

Many studies are being conducted as well as many persons are experimenting and documenting their own personal use of medical marijuana Canada. A quick Google search will show a few thousand results of such experiments! A lot of people use online forums such as reddit and Yahoo to ask and respond to questions regarding medical marijuana Canada use. Some start their own blogs which are great means of learning about their experiences and following their progress.

If you are considering to use medical marijuana Canada, following blogs and forum discussions is a great way to familiarize yourself with marijuana and the industry as a whole. This is especially important if you plan to purchase marijuana online.

Why order marijuana online Canada

While it is true that marijuana or rather medical marijuana, is becoming more acceptable in society, it is still not 100% accepted. In fact, you would be surprised to know how many people still believe it should remain illegal, which at the federal level in Canada, it is.

A lot of persons believe that making cannabis legal will increase its abuse by teenagers. Many see it as a hard drug, and still believe the stereotypes about those who use it. These stereotypes range from ridiculous to plain offensive. They include: weed smokers are always high and always want to get high. Weed smokers are lazy, unproductive and usually unemployed. Weed smokers are forgetful and plain stupid. There are also sexist stereotypes, like women who smoke are 'rachet' or 'trashy' and unladylike. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

These stereotypes are definitely not true considering a lot of persons who smoke/use marijuana are decent human beings who go to work and attend church like everybody else.

Now while it is true that these stereotypes are just that...stereotypes, the fact is they exist, and so buying marijuana online is a great way to access it discreetly.

When you order marijuana online you eliminate the possibility of running into someone you'd rather not know you use pot, on your way to or at a dispensary. Besides the advantage of keeping your marijuana use on the down low, ordering marijuana online eliminates the need of having to actually go to a physical store, especially as cannabis dispensaries are still not as plentiful as we'd like. That means some people would have to travel a very long way to actually get to a dispensary. Mail ordering weed makes that completely unnecessary.

When you order marijuana online it is shipped to you discreetly. It is usually wrapped in such a way as to lock in the smell so as not to raise any alarms during shipping. It is also camouflaged or hidden in some other item, like a pill bottle for example. It is then mailed in plain envelope with no identifying marks or messages. A good online supplier ensures this is always the case.Which leads to the question, how can one buy marijuana online safely? It is a question anyone who is deciding to do so must ask himself.

Marijuana, safety and the law

In the same way you would and should take precautions when choosing a physical dispensary to buy from, you have to be just as careful when choosing an online supplier. In fact, you have to be even more careful since it's virtual and many unscrupulous persons take advantage of this fact; which is to say there are many people out there pretending to be genuine suppliers when what they actually are, are scammers.

The first thing you should know (when ordering online or in person) is if the dispensary is legally registered to sell medical marijuana. You have to do background checks and research dispensaries or persons selling any form of marijuana, whether or not it is marketed as medical marijuana. The same rules and regulations apply for the sale of recreational marijuana.

Legitimate dispensaries whether they are brick and mortar or online are legally permitted to sell medical marijuana to persons who have legitimate reasons for using it! Persons who wish to use medical weed must get official recommendation from their doctors. They receive a card which must be presented before any marijuana can be sold to them. This is one way in which regulators have been responsible in making sure marijuana is not being abused.

Therefore, before one even decides on which online dispensary to buy from, they must first get the card that will allow them to get and fill their prescription.

Many physical dispensaries operate as one stop shops and have doctors on hand who can recommend persons for medical marijuana, which can come in a variety of forms- buds, pills, oils etc. Similarly you can search online to find doctors in your area that grant medical marijuana Canada cards. 

But how exactly will you know if an online dispensary is legit? If you have never used the physical branch, you may not know for certain that they are, especially if they don't say so on their websites. That means there has to be other ways of verification, which includes using the same online forums mentioned earlier like Reddit to ask questions about the online dispensary you are interested in. People are more than happy to share their experiences and opinions when asked! And even if few or no persons has experience using the dispensary in question, that might also be valuable information: a sign that you should stay clear! 

Always remember that anybody at any time can create a website and add some great copy that persuades you to give them your money and that's where the transaction ends. 

Other than getting opinions from others, there are a number of things you can look for on a supplier's website that you can use to judge its legitimacy. First of all, look to see how long they have been around. You can usually find this out in their about section. If a dispensary has been around just for a couple a weeks that's probably a red flag right there. 

You want to look at the quality of the website itself. Does it look like something someone just threw together? Are there only pictures of what they sell? Or do they also have information on each product, including what they best treat, their THC/CBD content ratio, etc? A genuine dispensary is one that has a lot of information that should be helpful as well as reassuring to users who are apprehensive about spending their money. No matter how popular online money transactions has become, many people are still somewhat on the fence when it comes onto using their credit card online or even using other transaction methods like bitcoin. 

In regards to payments, that is another area you should take note of. Does the supplier offer multiple payment methods or do they insist you wire them money via Western Union? This is usually a red flag if they do. Many persons have been conned out of their money this way. 

Your private financial details must always remain private. Thus, you must take every precaution to ensure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. You don't want any surprises on your next account statement! 

Another thing you should test before jumping into an online purchase is how easy it is to reach customer care. Why not shoot them a question and see how they reply, if they reply at all? A legitimate online dispensary will have some means for customers and potential customers to reach them, either through an online form, email address or telephone number. They usually have a FAQ page on their website as well. You should feel satisfied with the feedback you get or the information on their FAQ page. If you don't, you might want to continue your search. Poor customer service is just as much a deal breaker when buying marijuana as it when buying clothes or food. 

Another way of verifying a dispensary's validity is to check out their social media pages. However, not all dispensaries have social media pages. When this is the case online research in the form of reading reviews should suffice. 

Mail ordering marijuana: the process

The first step as mentioned before is getting the go ahead from your doctor to access medical marijuana in Canada. A lot of online suppliers ask that you upload your card to verify that you are indeed a patient who needs medical marijuana in Canada. Some simply ask that you upload a piece of identification to ensure they never sell to minors. After they have verified these things then the actual purchasing process can begin. This is where it is important to either know exactly what you want or have the supplier guide you through what would be best for your needs. If information for each product is available on the website, this should make deciding on what to buy much easier. 

When you have identified the products you want to buy, you simply send them to a cart where you complete the purchase by paying for the items with either your debit or credit card or other electronic means such as PayPal. Some suppliers offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Others do not and you have to also cover the shipping cost. 

While free shipping has become a pretty common courtesy of online suppliers, you have to be very certain that other ‘deals’ offered are not too good to be true! Are they offering multiple high quality strains at a much lower cost than you'd expect? Things like this will help you sift through the potential dishonest ‘suppliers’. The truth is they may not be able to ‘supply’ anything at all! 

If all is well and your payment is confirmed, your purchase is usually shipped the next day. It is packaged as inconspicuously as possible to the address of your choice. 

Canada postal service

Shipping is where many persons become worried. They fear getting in trouble with the law if their package is seized by the police. The truth is postal workers can raise an alarm if they come in contact with a package that looks suspicious to them. But it is also true that usually they don't go around looking for suspicious items. They are more interested in getting the packaged shipped to the address. And if a supplier did a good job in concealing the content of the package then this problem should not arise. In fact, Canada Post actually provides guidelines on how to send marijuana! Additionally, the sender of marijuana is the one who would get in trouble (though this rarely, if ever happens) instead of the receiver. Politician and medical marijuana advocate, Dana Larsen once sent marijuana to liberal MPs to ‘refamiliarize’ themselves with the herb. 'I do not expect to hear from the police over this,' the former NDP candidate said, and he didn't. 

Once your item has been shipped all you need to do is wait patiently for it to arrive, which can happen in as little as one to two days. This of course, depends on the shipping option you paid for. Some online dispensary do same day shipping which can come in handy if you're in pain and need to have the marijuana right away. 

Final dos and don'ts

You have to try as much as possible to ensure that you're not giving out your address to a creep who instead of marijuana, is the one who shows up at your door. You should never buy medical marijuana from persons in online forums or social media group, no matter how persuasive they are. It is better to be safe knowing your doing business with a legitimate supplier than a random person from a group. 

You also want to use a dispensary that has a lot of variety in terms of strains. This shows that they are a serious business and not just someone trying to get rid of their personal stash. A great dispensary will also sell weed accessories like vapes, salves, oils and even edibles. It's great to use a one stop supplier instead of having to purchase marijuana on one site and having to go to another to buy something to use/smoke it with. 

Leaf 2 Go is the ideal online dispensary when  it comes on to customer satisfaction in Canada. Their aim is to ‘provide our customers with the most secure, reliable, and safe online shopping experience they have ever had.’

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