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CBD Mango Haze Sativa AAA+ Bud

CBD Mango Haze Sativa AAA+ Bud


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CBD Mango Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain bred specifically to capture a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio while still retaining potency. This dank bud is a backcross of the delicious Mango Haze strain, and offers the user an average CBD level between 8-12% and a THC level between 6-8%. However, some strains of CBD Mango Haze have been recorded with an even higher CBD level, upwards of 15%. Users describe the CBD Mango Haze high as one that is incredibly mind opening, leaving you uplifted, euphoric, and insanely happy with tendencies towards introspection and mindful thinking. 

If you sit down while smoking this bud, prepare to be couch-locked before falling into a dreamy thoughtful state in which you are still functional, but completely pain-free and relaxed. Due to its high CBD level and potent effects, CBD Mango Haze is typically used for treating patients suffering from inflammation, muscle spasms, Multiple Sclerosis, and chronic pain. This bud has a delicious aroma of spicy sweet peppery mango and a taste of sweet mango and pineapple that turns to spicy black pepper upon exhale. CBD Mango Haze buds have long, pepper-shaped neon green nugs with orange hairs and a visible sticky layer of resin.

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry
Flavors: Berry, Fruity, Herbal, Peppery, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet
Great stuff
I am in love with this strain just the right amount of buzz and CBD relaxation effects to calm you and put you in a great mood and the pain relief is unreal but I do use CBD oil so it could be that as a plus but I feel the pain reef as soon as I smoke this and I have fibromyalgia so this stuff is a god send I hope L2G keeps this all the time in stock it is a must for any medical cannabis patient! Love L2G they are one of the best MOM out there will always keep coming back 10/10
Reviewed by:  from Montreal. on 3/19/2019
Made a fabulous batch of cannabutter with these sweet, sticky buds. Very pleasant, clean tasting with no mouldy aftertaste. Nice gentle high, very effective against body pain, as well as creating a general sense of mental well-being and yes, happiness and euphoria while not interfering with ability to function. Consistently good quality at Leaf2Go, and standard delivery arrived in Winnipeg in 2 days.
Reviewed by:  from Winnipeg. on 2/19/2019
If you are looking for a strain that really relaxes without much THC high, this is one you need to check out. It has lots of CBD so can help with many medical or psychological challenges. I have been looking for a high CBD strain with enough THC to give a little—just a little—lift and feeling of well being. This fits the bill. It’s vey well balanced. I am ordering more right away because it is going to be a go-to. True to reputation, Mango Haze tastes great and smells great too. You can’t miss the mango. CBD Mango Haze provides a very pleasant and functional experience.
Reviewed by:  from MB. on 2/14/2019
This is the best CBD bud I have had the pleasure of imbibing. Taste better than any CBD bud I have had, smokes nice and the THC/CBD ratio is perfect for my ACMPR medicinal needs. Will purchase again. Nice work Leaf2Go!
Reviewed by:  from Edm. on 2/7/2019
Excellent product great high and functional for that day to day, great for when ur just trying to relax midday and still be able to go about ur day without that lazy high?? super happy! Will buy again!
Reviewed by:  from Mississauga. on 1/27/2019
Great Strain
So happy I found this strain. I have re-ordered this a number of times and have all been really happy with flower. Very sticky, great smell and it has a pretty good taste. Great for getting stuff done during the day.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 1/27/2019
Good clean high
Very functional high, definitely my daily driver. Light, cerebral high, fading to a soft body buzz that leaves your mood lightened, and productive.
Reviewed by:  from Ottawa. on 1/16/2019
Excellent product, love your sativas
Reviewed by:  from Twillingate, Newfoundland. on 1/10/2019
Reviewed by:  from quebec. on 1/5/2019
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