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CBD Sleep Shot NanoZ – 10mg CBD (57mL)

CBD Sleep Shot NanoZ – 10mg CBD (57mL)


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With NanoZzz Nighttime Rest Shot, get the benefits of restful sleep and wellness support combined. Our NanoZzz™ is a delicious liquid shot that delivers what you need for rest and rejuvenation. Powered by the nanotechnology of Heneplex™, this formula combines the wellness support of hemp cannabidiol, other phytocannabinoids, botanical terpenes, and adaptogenic herbs in the ultimate delivery system for maximum benefits. This synergistic blend is the THC-free, all natural way to the perfect night’s sleep. 

How to Use: Drink directly from the bottle or add to your favorite beverage. Recommended Amount per serving: For restful sleep, drink one full bottle 20-40 minutes before sleep. 
Servings per day: One bottle at bedtime.
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