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Cherry Wine CBD – Sativa Trim / Shake 1 OZ (9% CBD)

Cherry Wine CBD – Sativa Trim / Shake 1 OZ (9% CBD)


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This is your bulk CBD choice. Lab tested for levels – over 9% CBD, less than 0.3% THC. 

Product is shucked, properly cured, stalk is removed and flowers were sized to about .5cm. It is processed with a rex machine giving it better consistency and quality compared to other methods (like hammer milling which loses CBD value). Test results are based on after the material was processed. It was grown in Oregon. Potency test and heavy metals tests are provided.
Really like it...........
This is good stuff to take away the pain, All I can say is the only issue is it is harsh on the throat but once through it your good.
Reviewed by:  from . on 6/14/2019
Really fast shipping.
Reviewed by:  from N.S.. on 3/18/2019
Very nice!
Used for decarb to make edibles. The shake is very clean, and a good time-saver in the kitchen. Pleasant tasting with a nice slow long-riding buzz. Totally relaxing, high CBD content is outstanding for treating pain and related insomnia.
Reviewed by:  from Winnipeg. on 3/5/2019
Wow, my order arrived in 3 days. Day 4, I made my own CBD oil ( 12x30 ml. for the price of 1x30 ml. at the dispensary). Due to the fact that I have asthma (can't smoke cannabis) and bruised ribs, the CBD oil is a god-send, it's opened my air-way and relieved my pain (ribs) that even T3's had no effect on. Would I recommend Cherry Wine CBD from Leaf 2 Go, 110% YES.
Reviewed by:  from Port Alberni, BC. on 1/28/2019
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