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Co2 Extracted THC Distillate 1g by Secret Garden

Co2 Extracted THC Distillate 1g by Secret Garden


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Secret Garden Extracts
94% THC CO2 Distillate is the newest and most pure concentrate product available. The producers of this high-quality product employ superior extraction methods, which yield potent and pure THC products. This distillate is purer than others because it extracts plant matter, chlorophyll and all other solvents. After vaporizing the THC and CBD, that vapour is collected and condensed back into oil. This end product produces no smell or flavour when vaporized, making it the purest of its kind out there. 

CO2 Distillate is made using supercritical Co2, and then distilled, so there was never any solvent introduced to the process. This product is great for relieving chronic pain, aiding sleep, and helping with any other ailment requiring higher doses of THC concentrate. 
Possibly the best way to consume Cannabis
This is a great price for a great oil. Be aware, there are no terps in it so no smell or taste and it causes it to be very thick. I know Secret Garden says its 94% but that's a conservative claim. The Co2 process is closer to 99% these days. A true 2 hit product. Some hints for use: 1. When you first use the syringe, remove the entire plastic cap assembly if you are going to be filling a vape. Keep the screw on cap to reseal but you can lose the screw collar. This leaves you with a eye dropper type spout. A secondary reason to do this is that once the oil gets on the threads it can be hard to remove the cap from the collar even after warming. Also removing the screw collar may allow you to apply it directly to your dab rig. 2. It's thick. You will need to warm it or it won't budge. I see people suggesting warming it with water. THC hates water and it can cause it to spit on a dab rig. I prefer a hair drier. Don't worry about the syringe, it's made from a Pyrex type glass so it can take the heat. 3. Planning to vape this? If you are using the disposable carts, be sure they are ceramic coils. Wicks wont work. Buy the largest diameter feed hole. It can be thinned out using terpines but it takes some trial and error. Also, used as is, it's best to warm up the coils for a few seconds at first or expect a lot of oil to just seep out of the air holes, particularly bottom feed air holes. If this is your rig, invert it while pre-warming the coils to prevent the same seepage. I recommend using a mod box capable of delivering 3.8 to 4.1v at 1.8ohms. Pen Vape batteries will waste a lot of product as they just don't get hot enough fast enough for pure distillates. 4. The closest comparison to old school concentrates would be honey oil, but this is much purer. As such, it is excellent for spreading on a paper with tobacco or weed. 5. Baking? Yes! Eating as is? Not really. Unlike other distillate methods, Co2 extraction does not decarb the oil as the process usually doesn't get warmer than room temp. 6. What a mess! So you had an accident and now your distillate is all over the table. Here's a secret that can recover your spillage. You will need 6 things: A synthetic fiber cloth like a J-cloth (natural fibers retain too much) , 90% or stronger Isopropyl alcohol, a kitchen funnel, a coffee filter and 2 clean jars. Use the alcohol on the cloth to wipe up the mess. Now stuff the cloth into one of the jars. Pour more alcohol over the cloth until it is covered. Cap the jar and swish it around for 2 or 3 minutes. You can leave it as long as you want but 2 or 3 minutes should suspend most of the oil. Prepare the second jar by placing the funnel in the opening and the coffee filter in the funnel. Carefully pour the solution into the coffee filter, keeping the cloth in the original jar. A second wash of the cloth can be done if desired. Pour the filtered solution on to a flat bottomed glass baking dish. You should cover the dish with a splatter shield or similar item to avoid collecting airborne dust and allow it to evaporate overnight. Scrape the dish with a razor blade to recover your oil. If it is thinner than it was originally, wait longer for all the alcohol to evaporate before using or expect a hangover. You can skip the filtration steps, however it will most likely end up with bits of cloth or dirt in it.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 6/30/2019
Good as always!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by:  from Martensville . on 6/7/2019
Very good stuff.
This is the best product I have found to date for mixing in food, the taste is not to bad. It is very good to smoke in a dab rig. Very thick, needs a little hot water on the syringe to make it come out. I live far from LEAF2GO and it takes about 48 hours to get to my house. They give you a tracking number, I love that! I will be buying from LEAF2GO a lot more in the future.
Reviewed by:  from earth. on 4/26/2019
Wow. Liquid gold. Great price and packs a punch... I was dabbing it and got an extra big dab and that was it for me. Definitely will be buying this again and again ... I recommend it to everyone
Reviewed by:  from Edmonton. on 4/21/2019
Secret garden
Product us good nice n thick not as good as the pura concentrates but would still recommend this product... n I will buy more aswell at 94% cant go wrong there
Reviewed by:  from Manitoulin Isand. on 1/14/2019
Works awesome with some flavoring for vape pens
Reviewed by:  from London. on 1/11/2019
Excellent quality product, price is right and very fast delivery.
Reviewed by:  from Penticton. on 1/8/2019
Oi loike a lot
I recommend leaf2go to everyone. In terms of concentrates they offer more value than any other dispensary.
Reviewed by:  from Brighton ON . on 1/7/2019
This is always on my order, best item for making edibles at home. Reese peanutbutter squares make them once a month.
Reviewed by:  from Saskatoon. on 1/5/2019
Secret garden is the best!
Hands down the cheapest and best you can buy on the market. This stuff is so high in demand it’s droped $15 a syringe in less than a year.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 1/5/2019
Major Medicinal Benefits
Highly recommended! I am a medical user. this product is excellent for relief from symptoms of Fibro. Heavy hit! Fast and efficient. Cost is excellent especially considering the potency. Definitely will be ordering more.
Reviewed by:  from Cartwright. on 12/13/2018
Best CO2 vape refill ever!!!
I bought a ton of these while on sale and I’m coming back for more now!! This has ruined vapes everywhere for it is unbeatable for the price and the quality. This stuff is thick so lots of hot water first & do it fast!! Hahahaha It’s definitely worth the trouble, I promise!!
Reviewed by:  from Vancouver . on 11/28/2018
what up
5 star best honey oil i have ever dabbed for some reason no description of the strain or the company (secret garden extract) hoyes quartz, after the dab, i didnt have to clean :o 5 dabs later, still no trace :o now my nail last forever and i inject fat globs all day run the syringe under hot water if the thing is too thick because it is thick af. 5 star homie
Reviewed by:  from mtl. on 11/16/2018
Co2 Extracted THC Distillate failure
The product is excellent, if you can get it out of the syringe. The piston is frozen, making the product unavailable. Probably a foreign made syringe (they sometimes use uncured rubber). The product is quite strong so don't use much. Clear headed effect, Happy; Creative and a good 'pick-me-up" Three star only because of the syringe. Product is five star.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 11/10/2018
bad packaging, shorted
Plastic Syringe was 2/3 full giant air bubble. The plunger just pulls out of the stopper even if you screw it back in. The extract is super glue thickness, and cannot come out the end and some will stick in the syringe. So I will try heating it and using a liquidizer or mixing with other vape oil. Too thick to put into a vape pen at present. you end up getting and wasting a bit sticky As far as potency I would not say it is strong but decent. Ok value when on sale for $40. No smell mild taste and clean, clear.
Reviewed by:  from edmonton. on 9/15/2018
Very smooth and strong
I used this distillate to refill some mini vape cartridges I had (different supplier). It vapes very well. I'd recommend the Vision Spinner battery, as it seems capable of handling this liquid better. This stuff is STRONG!! At 94% THC, it only takes a few hits before it kicks in. It is incredibly thick too, so filling cartridges could be a bit of a challenge. With the glass syringe, it can be carefully heated before attempting to fill a cartridge, making it much more workable.
Reviewed by:  from ON. on 8/30/2018
Very clean tasting, effective product
Works well in reusable oil cartridges, clean taste, and no lingering smell whatsoever. Requires a few seconds to warm enough for heating, but perfect otherwise. You will need to warm it in hot water to lower the viscosity to allow easier filling, and if you are able to get one, I highly recommend a syringe attachment to place the distillate into the bottom of your canister rather than having to wait for gravity to run its course. You can also run it under hot water (once in the cartridge) to promote a faster flow and speed filling.
Reviewed by:  from NT. on 5/5/2018
Best concentrate for Vapes
I've tried all kinds of vapes and this product is by far the strongest but yet smooth tasting concentrate I've ever tried in my 30+ years of consuming cannabis! Thank you so much plus no smell like when smoking cannabis. A+ in my books!!
Reviewed by:  from NB. on 3/10/2018
co2 extract
really clean makes but will ruin the taste of shatter for you due to the clean taste of this product 10 out of 10 on thi is product
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 3/7/2018
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