Want to make your weed even more potent and hard-hitting? Try making concentrated cannabis at home. There are many types of cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Budder, Live Resin, and Hash Oil, but while some concentrates require complex processes and special equipment, it’s surprisingly easy to make Hash at home.

Hash is a cannabis concentrate known for its hard, brick-like form. When heated, Hash becomes pliable and crumbly, making it easy to add to a joint or bowl. It can also be vaped or dabbed for even stronger effects. What’s more, there are many easy ways to make Hash at home that pretty much anyone can carry out. Here’s a guide on 4 ways to make homemade Hash.

1. How To Make Finger Hash

Hash comes in many different forms depending on the process used to make it. Some types of Hash are fairly complicated to make whereas others are easy enough to carry out at home. However, the quickest and easiest type of Hash you can make is Finger Hash.

Also known as “charas”, Finger Hash is a type of Hash with a long-running history, stemming back to thousands of years ago in the Indian subcontinent. It involves collecting the sticky resin from cannabis flowers simply using your hands before compressing it into a solid ball of Hashish.

Making Finger Hash yourself is just as simple. Take a large portion of marijuana buds and roll it between your hands until you notice a good portion of dark resin building up on your hands. Once you’ve collected enough, scrape it off with your fingers and compress it into a ball of Hash.

While Finger Hash is the easiest type of Hash you can make, it’s also the worst. The process used to make Finger Hash isn’t the most hygienic, and the Hash you create will be less satisfying. Rubbing resin between your hands can ruin the quality of the THC, resulting in weaker Hash.

How To Make Finger Hash

2. How To Make Hash With A Pollen Press

Another one of the easiest ways to make Hash at home is by using a Pollen Press. This method doesn’t take too much work, although you will need to allow a long time for the Hash to properly compress. However, the Hash you end up with will be stronger and more satisfying than Finger Hash.

First, you’ll need to buy a Pollen Press. These can be found online and in some smoke shops. A Pollen Press is a small device that can be filled with kief and tightened to compress it into Hash Unscrew the top of your Pollen Press and remove the pin that’s inside.

You’ll now need to fill your Pollen Press with kief- the particles of cannabis trichomes that fall away from weed as you grind it. You can collect kief from your grinder, scrape a large amount of weed over a silkscreen or use a Pollen Box. However, the best way to end up with a high-quality block of Hash is to buy Kief online.

Once you’ve filled the inside of your Pollen Press with kief, reapply the pin and screw the cap on top. Tighten the cap to compress your kief and leave it to compress for at least 8 hours. You should also retighten the cap every hour or so. Once you’re ready, remove both ends of the Pollen Press and push out your cylinder of Hash. You can now cut it into coins and use them as you wish.

3. How To Make Hash With A Glass Jar

You can also make Hash at home using some kief, parchment paper, and a glass jar filled with hot water. This method is relatively quick and simple and also gives you some quality Hash. The heat and pressure cause the kief to transform and bind together to create a satisfying block of Hash.

Take a piece of parchment paper and create a pile of kief in the middle. Make sure there’s enough space to wrap the paper around your kief and wrap the paper around the top to create a small parcel of kief.  If you’re looking for high-quality kief, it’s easy to buy Kief online in various strains.

Once you have your package of kief, fill a resealable glass jar with hot water and reseal the top. If the jar is too hot to hold, you might want to use gloves or a cloth. Take the hot jar and roll it firmly over your package of kief for at least 8-10 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when the kief turns into a hard block of Hash.

When your block of Hash is ready, put it in the fridge for around 30 minutes- this will soften it up so you can unwrap the parchment paper. You’ll now be left with a nice block of Hash. Repeat this process as many times as you want to make more.

How To Make Dry Ice Hash

4. How To Make Dry Ice Hash

If you want to make the highest quality Hash that you can, then you’ll want to make Dry Ice Hash. This process is slightly more complicated and requires some special equipment, but it’s worth it for the Hash you end up with.

You’ll need to buy a few things first. Get some Dry Ice Extraction Bags- these are special mesh bags that are used to separate kief from marijuana buds. The kief falls through the mesh holes in the bag, making it easy to collect. You’ll also need dry ice and a good stash of weed.

It’s best to apply gloves to avoid ice burns and also do this in a well-ventilated area (or outside) as dry ice can create CO2. Fill a container with dry ice and plenty of weed and place a 73-micron extraction bag over the top. Shake the container- the dry ice will cause the trichomes to break away from the buds. Now turn it upside down over another container and the kief will fall through the bag.

You can repeat this process using larger extraction bags to collect even more kief. Eventually, you’ll have an impressive amount of Dry Ice Hash. If you want to compress it into a block, you can use a Pollen Press, but it also works perfectly well as is.


If you want to create concentrated cannabis, these 4 ways to make Hash at home are perfect for you. Each method has its pros and cons but, whichever way, you’ll end up with some nice Hash to smoke. If you want to skip the process, you can simply buy Hash oil online as well as various other products at Leaf2Go.ca.