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Enigma aka Omni - AAAA Magic Mushrooms
Enigma aka Omni - AAAA Magic Mushrooms

Enigma aka Omni - AAAA Magic Mushrooms

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Warning: These are our Strongest Magic Mushrooms. Otherworldly Experiences Only! These Magic Mushrooms are extremely rare, blue & very strong!

The Enigma Psilocybe Cubensis aka OMNI is a rare mutation of two potent strains of Cubensis, the Penis Envy X B plus Tidal Wave. This enigmatic mushroom does not sporulate, meaning its eternally stuck living across a single generation through clones. 

Visually the characteristics of this strain are also distinctive, with a blob like formation that likes similar to a cauliflower or brain, with thick dense kernels off mycelium and long thick shafts of mushrooms. 

This shroom is extraordinarily potent and considered the most potent of all psilocybin Cubensis strains. This strain recently won 1st and 2nd place in the Psilocybin Cup 2022 held in Oakland, California. Testing at 3.8 % tryptamine, to put that in context the average Cubensis has 0.7% tryptamine content.  

Making this almost 4 times as potent as a typical Cubensis.

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Experience: .5-1 Gram
  • Medium Experience: 1-3 Grams
  • Intense Experience: 3-5 Grams

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