Cannabis Sativa is one of the most sought-after types of cannabis. Sativa strains are known for being mentally stimulating and helping with a range of mental health problems while also being incredibly enjoyable for recreational purposes. These strains are extracted from cannabis sativa plants, which are tall, thin, and best grown outdoors.

Usually, when it comes to buying cannabis, the choice comes down to indica or sativa- although you can also get hybrid strains which have a mix of both indica and sativa genetics. So what exactly does cannabis sativa offer, how is it grown, and how does it differ from cannabis indica? Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis sativa.

What Is Cannabis Sativa

There are over a thousand different types of cannabis strains. While some, such as cannabis ruderalis, don’t produce psychoactive effects, the most popular for growing weed are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.

Cannabis sativa is known as the more mentally stimulating and energizing of the two strains. They come from tall, thin plants which take well to summer weather, although they can take a while to grow. People generally use cannabis sativa for mood-boosting mental effects as well as a mild body high which can relieve pain and tension.

Hemp also comes from cannabis sativa plants. Although these strains don’t produce high levels of THC, they produce a lot of CBD, making them prime for medical cannabis products. However, when you buy sativa strains, they usually provide good levels of both THC and CBD making them ideal for both recreational and medical use.

What Is Cannabis Sativa

What Are The Effects Of Cannabis Sativa?

Although each strain varies, sativa strains are usually much more stimulating and head-focused. People often use these strains when they want a more energizing and invigorating high that will heighten their senses, make them happier, and even provide mental focus and acuity.

When you smoke sativa strains, you’ll usually feel happy and euphoric. You’ll get a burst of mental energy which helps with creativity, focus, and the ability to take on mental tasks. They’ll also heighten your senses and make music, TV shows, movies, and any activity you take on much more interesting.

Sativa strains are usually regarded as great morning strains as they can help counteract fatigue and put you in a good mood. They’re also usually good social strains as they can make you more happy, giggly, and talkative. Many people use cannabis sativa strains throughout the day to help them with mental clarity and focus.

They also have a range of medical benefits. Sativa strains are usually the best for dealing with mood disorders such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression as they can swiftly ward away negative thoughts and put you in a happy, motivated mood. They can also counteract fatigue, nausea, and mild pain and aches.

Cannabis Sativa vs. Indica: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to buying strains, you’ll often need to make the choice between indica or sativa. Indica plants are shorter and bushier than sativa plants. They usually grow faster and produce higher yields, making them ideal for indoor growers. Both of these strains have their pros and cons and the choice usually depends on what kind of effects you want, both recreationally and medically.

Indica strains are generally much more relaxing. They provide a more body-focused high which delivers soothing tingles all over to relieve issues such as chronic pain, physical tension, migraines, and muscle spasms. They also provide mentally calming effects which can often make you feel more hazy and dreamy. Indica strains are best used at night time as they can soothe you into sleep.

On the flipside, sativa strains are known for being more energizing and stimulating. Usually, they’ll make you feel more mentally clear and focused as well as providing relief for anxiety, depression, stress, and a lot more. Generally, sativa strains are better for morning and daytime use whereas indica strains are best used at night.

Growing Cannabis Sativa

Growing Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa plants usually take longer to grow than Cannabis Indica plants. However, many growers still opt for sativa strains as they can be very rewarding and the flower produced by them can induce great effects.

Sativa plants grow taller and thinner than indica plants and generally have narrower leaves. They’re best grown outdoors in the summer or spring as they require a lot of sunlight. Since the plants can grow very tall, they’re usually not ideal for indoor growing unless you have a lot of vertical space.

Usually, sativa plants take around 10-12 weeks to flower, although some can take even longer. If you plan to grow cannabis sativa, you’ll need to be prepared to wait for a while. Although they usually take longer to grow than indica plants, growing them outdoors in the summer usually doesn’t require as much effort as indoor growing and can be highly rewarding.

Best Cannabis Sativa Strains To Buy

If you want to try cannabis sativa, there’s a huge selection of sativa products available to buy online. Here are a few popular choices.

CBD Mango Haze is one of the best medical marijuana strains available. As well as having an 80% sativa profile, it also has a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1. As such, this strain will give you enlivening effects, making you feel happy and focused, as well as providing potent medical relief for a vast range of physical and mental symptoms.

Lemon Kush Headband is a cross between two popular strains resulting in a sativa-dominant hybrid with sensational effects. With levels of THC reaching up to 23%, you can expect a powerful psychoactive high that makes you feel euphoric and invigorated.

Yogi Diesel is another brilliant sativa-dominant strain that’s perfect for those who need a burst of mental energy. It’ll make you feel happy, creative, energized, and euphoric as well as providing a pungent skunky, diesel aroma.

Best Cannabis Sativa Strains To Buy


Cannabis Sativa strains suit users who want a mentally stimulating high that’ll bring them out of a bad mood. Although the plants take longer to grow than indica plants, the effort is often worth it for the enlivening effects. They usually make for great daytime strains, although you can enjoy sativa strains at any time of the day. For all kinds of cannabis strains, check out