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Forever Phoenix - Flower Hybrid Shatter 5 Grams

Forever Phoenix - Flower Hybrid Shatter 5 Grams


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Forever Phoenix
This product is BHO extracted and uses the triple clean solvent, N-butane. We use 100% organic 4x distilled ethanol alcohol to de-wax the oil. The oil then undergoes rigorous processing to filter out and purge traces of solvents.

The growers select blend consists of multiple hybrid strains including AAA+ Bubba Kush x Comatose

Effects: Calming, Happy, Relaxed
Good stuff
4/5 its good shatter
Reviewed by:  from St-Raymond. on 2/21/2019
Great deal! ????
Reviewed by:  from Manitoba . on 2/8/2019
Was good smooth tasting
Reviewed by:  from Thunder bay. on 1/12/2019
No real difference between this and the other shatter they have on sale.. was dark in color and not the light honey color you'd expect from high grade shatter
Reviewed by:  from . on 1/9/2019
Really good for the price
Worth the price, kinda dark, and has lots of residue left over! But would say it’s good
Reviewed by:  from Lethbridge . on 1/5/2019
Taste is good
Vary nice taste wirh a mellow buzz
Reviewed by:  from Hanover Ontario . on 10/7/2018
Good Taste, Good Effect
Bought on sale for $140.00. Excellent value! This product has an almost sweet smell which is complimented by a sweet-juniper taste, which is reminiscent to the taste of gin. Effect is long lasting, quick to set in, and very clean. There is some variation in consistency between packages, but all hold that familiar shatter appearance with no worries of sticky fingers.
Reviewed by:  from NL. on 10/6/2018
Very good !!
You wont regret this choise, quality/price is very good, taste good
Reviewed by:  from Qc. on 9/28/2018
Not bad, not the best
very nice creeper stone, medicates well, but the taste and texture were awful. May have just been a bad batch, but I picked 10 grams and could only get through 2. Very fishy smell and taste, and would stretch and stick to fingers, super gummy, not shatter consistency at all. Had to get rid of the rest of it. 2 stars for the stone.
Reviewed by:  from Calgary. on 9/17/2018
Good stuff
Has a nice lemon pine taste and burns nice , good for the price
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 8/18/2018
Amazing deal!
Great price for really decent shatter, tastes pretty good and isn't too bad of a buzz for a hybrid! I would definitely recommend. I was worried it wouldn't be that good being cheap, but i was pleasantly surprised!
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 3/20/2018
Fan F*cking Tastic
Relaxed but not dragged out or lethargic. Happy and upwardly adjusted but not paranoid. A subtly energetic ride with all the best heady bits from the world of hybrids!!
Reviewed by:  from Calgary. on 11/27/2017
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