Gods Green Crack Full Melt Bubble Hash - 5 Grams
Gods Green Crack Full Melt Bubble Hash - 5 Grams

Gods Green Crack Full Melt Bubble Hash - 5 Grams

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Full Melt Bubble Hash Canada

Gods Green Crack Bubble Hash Bubble Hash is produced naturally, no solvents. Made from sugar leaf, ice and extracted water. Very pure and potent. Effective for stress and pain relief. 

Full Melt Bubble Hash

Full melt is a term for high-grade dry sieve or water hash—it fully melts and doesn’t leave a residue or char behind. Dry sieve and water hash are rated on a scale of one to six stars, indicating refinement and meltability. Full-melt hash is highly refined and usually rated at five or six stars.

“This full-melt hash was so expensive but one hit got me so high!”

What is Full Melt Bubble Hash?

Full melt hash is high-grade dry sieve or water hash concentrate that melts fully without leaving behind a residue. “Half melt” is a term for low grade water hash, so named because it melts halfway, rather than fully. Whether made with or without water, full melts are usually made with fine micron screens between 70-120 microns. Multiple screens are used when making full-melt hash to filter out impurities and get a high-quality product. Because of their high purity, full melts will melt completely away in a dab nail, like chemical extracts such as BHO, CO2 oil, PHO, etc. Typically, full melts and rosins are the only types of solventless concentrates that are dabbed.

Maximum Yield Explains Full Melt

Full melt hash visually looks like a cross between brown sugar and sand. It is exceptionally fine textured and light brown or tan in color. It boasts a pleasingly potent aroma. The product usually features a clean, clear taste. Full melt can be smoked in a dab rig, vaporizer, or pen. It is a wonderful choice for any cannabis user seeking a clean, contaminate-free product that is extracted using a solvent-free method. Full melt also boasts high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabinoids, and terpenes. It is generally considered to a be a high-shelf product that is favored by experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

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