Herbal Dispatch, will it ever be the same? 

Buying bud online for a buddy and having bud delivered through Canada Post has become more and more easy. New bud sites, such as Leaf2Go Canada, are replacing the old and outdated bud sites such as Herbal Dispatch. No longer do you and a buddy have to stay dry in your home on the cold East Coast; we are here to deliver your bud to your door for you and your Herbal Dispatch to effortlessly enjoy bud.

What makes Leaf2Go Canada an improvement from Herbal Dispatch?

The website layout of Leaf2Go Canada is much more user friendly than Herbal Dispatch.
As previously stated, the website layout of Herbal Dispatch is antiquated and uses outdated functions. Leaf2Go Canada utilizes a new website layout and is ever improving. Our website is updated and tailored to our bud users needs and desires. Feel free to contact our bud experts if you want to suggest a function for easier use and bud acquisition.

Leaf2Go Canada does day-of processing, whereas Herbal Dispatch…?

Users have been using Herbal Dispatch less and less as new and improved websites have stated to crop up. Because of this, Herbal Dispatch no longer has the resources to get your bud to you quickly and efficiently. The Leaf2Go Canada team is committed to your bud needs, and will deliver your bud at the soonest possible moment.

Try Leaf2Go Canada; you will not be disappointed! Tell a buddy! 


The new practice of sending bud by mail has been creating positive effects federally. Canada Post has been in hot water as mail revenue decreases 5% yearly; the Crown Corporation has been seeking new sources of revenue. As always, the federal government as a whole is also looking for revenue as the economy slows. One such revenue source could be the ever-expanding venture of mail order marijuana and bud mail. 

The mail order marijuana and bud mail market has been valued at as much as $7 billion dollars per year. As bud becomes more legalized, this bud revenue will be taxed, therefore producing even more value for the federal government. The government has speculated this new tax revenue could be used as funding for addiction treatment and education.

 The Canada Post will likely be the key distributor of mail order marijuana and bud delivery once it is completely legalized. Canada Post already has a page set up detailing how to send bud through the mail for those using it with a license. The page is quite detailed, citing how one should not label packages indicating what is inside, as well as keep said packages vacuum sealed.

Herbal Dispatch

Some representatives argue that a system for sending legalized bud could take years to construct. However, a mail order system for wine delivery where age is verified by the recipient is already in place. It has been suggested this system can be used for age and identity verification when sending legalized bud to a buddy.

Regardless, Canada Post should start working on a mail order bud-friendly system soon. Complete legalization of bud is just around the corner; it is only a matter of when this bud legalization will take place so that you and a buddy can start to buy weed online.

Once one is ready to buy bud from online dispensary, one needs to discern which bud is best for his or her bud needs. As a larger variety of strains become available, it may become more and more difficult to discern which strains work best for your bud needs. We are here to help you choose the best bud species and bud strains for your optimal buddy experience!

First of all, bud has two main species – Sativa and its good buddy Indica. These can also be mixed to create Hybrid strains with varying Sativa and Indica content.

Sativa is known for it’s uplifting, energetic, and focused high. These bud strains are very cerebral and used for the bud user’s mind. Sativas are also mildly associated with spacey-ness and hallucinogenic effects. This bud species increases Serotonin levels in the bud users brain, which is associated with increasing bud user mood balance and decreasing depression. Help make a buddy happy! Sativa strains are best used for use during the day, as they have a higher CBD to THC ratio.

Sometimes, Sativa bud strains do not provide sufficient relief of the bud users body pain associated with some illnesses, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. For further physical effects, your buddy should look to the Indica species.

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Indica is known for it’s relaxing and calming high; it creates more of a bud user “body buzz” and is often sleep-inducing. These bud strains are very effective at reducing nausea and stress; often associated with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and glaucoma. As this species often makes bud users sleepy, with a high THC to low CBD ratio, it is best used in the evenings or just chilling with a good buddy.

 For some, Hybrid bud strains are the best of both worlds. Each Hybrid bud strain has a distinct ratio of Sativa and Indica, and are labeled “Sativa-Dominant” or “Indica-Dominant.” These often lead to a calming and uplifting bud user high for you and a buddy while also maintaining the ability for the user to be focused.

 Following the determination of which type of bud species is desired, optimal strains for your buddy’s needs may be determined by trial-and-error. Our descriptions page for each bud strain shows the strain’s common effects and medical uses. We suggest ordering three or four smaller amounts of different bud strains with similar effects so you can find the one best suited for you. If this route is chosen, pay attention to how you feel when trying each bud strain! Discuss with a buddy and you can even keep a log to determine which one is most favourable.

If you want or require a more personalized strategy for choosing a bud strain, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We will be your best Herbal Dispatch! We can be contacted via the websites chat, via email at [email protected]. We are here to create the best bud experience for you and will try our best to help you and your buddy meet your desired bud needs!

Bud users may want to delve into the “why” of bud psychoactive effects even more. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, a cannabinoid chemical compound found in bud. This particular cannabinoid will buddy up with receptors in the brain and body, eliciting a variety of physical and mental effects. There may be as many as 100 cannabinoids that interact with our endocrine system! However, THC is the most well-known because of its presence in all bud strains.

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The body actually creates its own “endocannabinoids.” These are naturally producing THC-like compounds, cheap weed aiding stability in the bud user body and mind. An example of such is anandamide, which is the chemical compound that produces the “runners high” euphoria when one is engaging in aerobic exercise. Ask a buddy to see if they’ve ever experienced this!

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The bud user body is receptive to cannabinoids, and therefore THC, because of the receptors created and utilized for its own endocannabinoids. THC binds to our cannabinoid receptors in the brain and Central Nervous System, eliciting psychoactive effects. The type of receptor THC binds with is important; binding to the CB1 receptor allows THC to generate psychoactive properties. Cannabidol, or CBD Oil Canada or Canadian Edibles, is another cannabinoid chemical compound without psychoactive effects, as it does not bind to the CB1 receptor. CBD is typically used for pain, inflammation, and anxiety relief, making it your best Herbal Dispatch for a number of reasons.

Common short-term psychoactive effects of THC are well documented. These include positive effects such as elation, relaxation, sedation, pain relief, energy, hunger, and laughter. Some less positive effects associated with THC are memory impairment, drowsiness, dry mouth, red eyes, and anxiety.

Long-term effects of THC intake are not as well documented as research on these effects is generally new. However, it is known that one can not overdose on THC – an overdose has never been recorded in human bud user history. We also know that with steady and ongoing use, tolerance to THC will go up. This can be remedied by taking tolerance breaks every once in a while. We suggest taking a three-day tolerance break with a buddy now and again to give the bud user the optimal physical and mental reaction to their bud use.

The medicinal effects of bud are well documented. Using bud can aid in PTSD (if someone does not have a predisposition to psychotic conditions), neuropathic and chronic pain, insomnia nausea, inflammation, arthritis, migraines, cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, ADHD, Sleep Apnea, and appetite loss. And this is only what has been solidly documented so far! Ask a buddy what it does for them. As research in the medicinal effects of THC continues, we believe more and more positive medicinal effects of bud use will be found. 

Until then, enjoy your condition-tailored and quality bud from your buddy, Leaf2Go Canada!