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House Of Glass Extracts THC Distillate 1ml - Orange Creamsicle

House Of Glass Extracts THC Distillate 1ml - Orange Creamsicle


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HOG Extracts
One of the safest ways to consume cannabis! Refill in to cartridge for vaping, dab in your rig, add a little bit in your blunts or joints, or take a pea size drop orally. Helps with insomnia, pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, stress, etc. 

Comes in a 1ml high quality glass syringe designed for maximum flavour retention, non-degrading (unlike plastic conatiners ) and can be warmed up for maximum product removal!
Blueberry pie and cream sickle distillate.oil
Really enjoyed both products tates great and nice pride. You should order now.
Reviewed by:  from Coaldale Alta . on 5/28/2019
very nice taste and high THC
this is an awesome distillate with fantastic smells and taste everyone loves it. I have used it on a paper like oil and used it in the coil pipe both are very good. the distillate is thick so I recommend warming the syringe in hand for a minute first this seems to make it flow better.
Reviewed by:  from Cambridge. on 5/17/2019
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