Cannabis concentrates are perfect for users who want something they can smoke or vape that’s stronger than weed. While products such as Shatter and Hash are usually the most popular kinds of concentrates, you might want to check out Rosin. Rosin refers to a range of concentrates made using heat and pressure without any solvents.

Although there are plenty of different kinds of concentrates, Rosin has some unique advantages. Some users prefer Rosin over other types of cannabis extracts as it’s made using a completely solventless process. Plus, while you can buy Rosin, you can also make Rosin yourself using any strain of weed. Here’s a guide on how Rosin is made and how to make it at home.

What Is Rosin?

Rosin is one of the many types of cannabis concentrates you can find on the market today. Cannabis concentrates are products made using various extraction processes to separate the potent trichomes from the rest of the plant. Popular forms include Hash, Shatter, Budder, and Distillates, but Rosin is a particularly interesting kind of cannabis extract.

Most extracts are made by dousing cannabis buds with solvents such as butane and purging the solvents afterward. However, no solvents are needed to make Rosin- just a good amount of heat and pressure. The result is usually a runny, oily amber-colored extract that you can use in various ways.

While it’s similar to other concentrates such as Wax and Shatter, Rosin doesn’t contain any residual solvents. Some users confuse it with Live Resin or Resin, but Rosin is a completely different type of concentrate. As well as being used to refer to the product itself, the term “Rosin” is also used to refer to the unique extraction process used to make it.

How Rosin Is Made

How Rosin Is Made

Rosin stands out for how it’s made. Although there are a fair few exceptions, most cannabis concentrates are made by taking weed, blasting it with butane in a glass tube, collecting the extracts, and purging them of any contaminants afterward. However, the Rosin process is easier and safer.

Heat and pressure are all that’s required to make Rosin. Cannabis buds are exposed to high temperatures and pressed until an oily substance emerges. High-quality Rosin is made in labs using equipment such as hydraulic presses and heat controllers, but one of the interesting things about Rosin is it can also be made at home.

Since the process isn’t too complicated, many cannabis enthusiasts make homemade Rosin. Although you can buy technical equipment, some users make it using basic household objects such as a hair straightener. It can be made with any strain of cannabis to extract some highly-concentrated oil packed with THC and terpenes.

How To Make Rosin At Home

If you want a fun and rewarding project, you can make Rosin at home. There are a few methods for making Rosin, but the most straightforward requires only a few things- a hair straightener, some parchment paper, and some weed of your choice. You might also want to get some heat-resistant gloves to avoid burns and a dabber to collect the Rosin.

Preheat your hair straightener. Different temperatures can affect the outcome of your product. For instance, using 250-300ºF will give you a more stable concentrate similar to Shatter whereas temperatures of 300-355ºF give you a runny, sap-like substance. If you have a hair straightener with adjustable temperature, you might want to experiment.

Break down some thick nugs of weed into a rectangular shape and place them on a piece of parchment paper. Place it on the blade of your hair straightener and put another piece of parchment paper on top, leaving some room at the sides for the Rosin to emerge. You might want to apply heat-resistant gloves here as you’ll have to press down hard on the straightener.

Press down firmly on the blades of your hair straightener to apply pressure to the weed. You may need to hold it for anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds depending on the quality of weed you use. Check under your parchment paper and see how much Rosin has been extracted. You may want to press again if you haven’t made enough.

How To Use Rosin

How To Use Rosin

Whether you buy Rosin or make it yourself, there are many ways to use it. Like other cannabis concentrates, Rosin can be mixed with weed for smoking or used in a Vaporizer or Dab Rig for even stronger effects.

To smoke Rosin, you can apply it on top of weed in a joint or bowl. It’s important to use weed as cannabis concentrates won’t burn well by themselves and may stick to your paper or bowl. Smoking a Rosin-enhanced joint or bowl will produce a sensational high.

Vaping Rosin is even better, especially as you’ll get more of the flavor from the terpenes. Put some Rosin in the chamber of a Vaporizer or Vape Pen compatible with cannabis concentrates. Turn your vape on, wait for the product to vaporize, and inhale.

Dabbing Rosin is slightly more complicated. You’ll need a Dab Rig- a kind of bong with a Quartz nail or banger and a blow torch. Heat the nail using a blow torch, use a dab tool to apply a small dab of Rosin to the nail, and inhale through the mouthpiece as it instantly vaporizes. Dab hits are stronger than vape or bong hits, so be careful.


Rosin is a great solventless cannabis concentrate made by applying high heat and pressure to cannabis buds. You can make Rosin yourself using a hair straightener, but if you want high-quality extracts, it’s best to buy Rosin online. You can use Rosin by mixing it with weed for smoking. You can also vape or dab Rosin for more powerful effects.

If Rosin doesn’t interest you, you can also buy other kinds of cannabis concentrates such as Hash, Shatter, and more. All of these will give you intense effects with just a small amount of product. You can also find products such as cannabis Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and various strains of weed available for delivery from