Cannabis can be used in many forms now. Users who don’t want to go to the effort of rolling a joint or loading a bowl might have all kinds of alternative options from cannabis-infused edibles to flavorful vape oils. However, when it comes to convenience and ease-of-use, it’s hard to beat Cannabis Oil Capsules.

Also known as THC Caps, Cannabis Oil Capsules are capsules that have been filled with potent cannabis oil. Just like a regular capsule, you can swallow one, wash it down with water, and feel the effects soon after. While you can simply buy Cannabis Oil Capsules, you can also learn how to make Cannabis Oil Capsules or THC Caps. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Oil Capsules (THC Caps)?

If you need an easy and convenient way to get the effects of cannabis, then Cannabis Oil Capsules are one of the best choices out there. These can be taken within seconds and, although you’ll need to allow some time for the THC to digest and take effect on your body, they’re incredibly effective.

THC Capsules are usually filled with THC Oils or Tinctures. Many users use THC Tinctures as they make it extra convenient to get a quick dose of THC whenever you need it. They’re especially useful for medical users who want a way to get a dose of THC wherever they are. However, THC Capsules are arguably even better as they give you a specific dose of THC in each capsule.

Taking THC Capsules is as easy as swallowing one and washing it down with water. Need a stronger dose? No problem, just take two instead of one. You can also buy various types and strengths of THC Capsules so you can get the exact dose you need. However, if you want to save some money, you can also do it yourself.

Why Make Cannabis Oil Capsules

Why Make Cannabis Oil Capsules?

While you can find Cannabis Oil Capsules in many stores and online, making them yourself is another good option for many reasons. You might already have some THC Tincture laying around and want to make use of it. If not, it’s still easy and cost-effective to simply buy a bottle and start making as many as you need.

One of the main benefits of making Cannabis Oil Capsules is that you can adjust them to your exact needs. If you’re looking to take a small dose of THC each day, you can simply measure out your desired dose of THC Tincture, fill your capsules, and have them ready to go when you need them. 

You can even make multiple batches of THC with different doses. That way, you can easily choose whether you want to take a psychoactive dose or simply microdose for medical benefits. Plus, if you want to avoid the powerful effects of THC, it’s just as easy to make CBD Capsules. You can even mix both. Whichever way, it’s well worth trying out.

How To Make THC Capsules

THC Capsules are one of the easiest cannabis products you can make, but you’ll need to buy a few things first. First of all, you’ll need some THC Tincture Oil. There are many of these available, but it’s best to get one with plenty of THC such as Island Therapeutics 1500mg THC Sleepy Time Tincture.

You’ll also need some empty capsules. You can find these in many online stores- you can even buy them from Amazon. Find some that are big enough to fill with your desired dose of THC Tincture and get as many as you need for your purposes. It also helps to have a dropper or pipette, but your THC Tincture bottle should come with one provided.

From this point on, making THC Capsules is very straightforward. Measure out your dose of THC Tincture, fill the bottom half of each capsule using the dropper, and apply the tops of your capsules. You can store your capsules in a pill container in a cool, dry place and use them as you need to.

THC Capsules will give you the psychoactive effects of marijuana so it’s best not to use too much THC. Many users find that 10mg of THC is a good dose to start with, but you may want to use more if you’re used to the effects of THC Tinctures. You can also use less if you prefer microdosing THC.

How To Make THC Capsules

How To Make CBD Capsules

If you’d prefer to avoid the effects of THC altogether, it’s just as easy to make CBD Capsules. CBD Capsules don’t get you high but many users find them great to use as daily supplements. The process of making CBD Capsules is more or less the same as making THC Capsules- you’ll need to buy some empty capsules and some CBD Oil or Tincture.

You can buy CBD Tinctures online in various strengths. Again, it’s best to get one with plenty of CBD Oil so you can fill plenty of capsules with your desired dose of CBD. You might want to grab some SunnySide Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1200mg.

Open your capsules and measure out your desired dose of CBD Tincture using the dropper. Apply the tincture to the bottom half of your capsule, apply the top, and repeat this process for as many capsules as you want.

CBD is safe to use in any quantity so you can feel free to experiment with doses. Usually, 15-30mg of CBD is a good daily dose for general use, but some users prefer to use even more CBD. You can also mix THC and CBD Tincture if you want capsules that give you the effects of both.


Making Cannabis Oil Capsules is easy. Whether you want THC Caps, CBD Caps, or Capsules that give you the effects of both, it can quickly be done with some empty capsules and a bottle of Cannabis Tincture. Remember to store your capsules in a cool, dry place to keep them away from heat and sunlight.
While making Cannabis Oil Capsules yourself is straightforward enough, you can also skip the process and simply buy Cannabis Capsules online. There are plenty of types and strengths available and you can have them delivered directly to your address. You can also find tinctures, edibles topicals and plenty of other cannabis products at Leaf2Go Online Dispensary.