While smoking marijuana is a lot of fun, smoking indoors will leave behind a stench. Some marijuana users don’t mind the lingering smell of their favorite scent in the air. However, some will want to get rid of it in the interest of discretion whereas others simply don’t enjoy the scent. Whichever way, there are many ways to get rid of the smell of marijuana inside.

Reducing the smell of marijuana in your home often comes down to good ventilation, but sometimes you’ll need something to mask the scent if it’s particularly strong. Keep in mind that you could also end up with the smell of marijuana on your hair and clothes, which you’ll also need to take care of. Here’s a guide on how to get rid of the smell of marijuana inside.

Open The Windows And Increase Ventilation

Sometimes getting rid of the smell of weed simply comes down to smoking somewhere that’s well-ventilated. Smoking in a closed room with no windows open is good if you want to hotbox, but if you’re trying to reduce the smell of weed, it’s important to smoke in an area where there’s plenty of air coming in and out.

The best way to use this approach is to open all nearby windows before you start smoking. If you want to reduce the smell even further, then make sure you smoke while you’re sitting or standing next to a window. That way, you can blow the smoke outside instead of letting it circulate indoors.

Of course, the scent might still linger in your house. To improve ventilation even further, you might want to turn on a fan or even use a dehumidifier. Some users even smoke in the bathroom where they can make use of the extractor fan. Whichever way, make sure you’re smoking in a well-ventilated area before you light your joint or bowl.

Open The Windows And Increase Ventilation

Mask The Smell With Sprays And Perfumes

Although smoking in a well-ventilated part of your house will help reduce the lingering smell of weed to some extent, it can still be hard to get rid of it completely. If you find that your home still smells of marijuana after you’ve finished smoking, then you might want to take some measures to mask the smell.

There are many ways you can do this, but one of the simplest is to use some air freshener spray. A quick spritz around the room can do wonders. Alternatively, you might want to spray some of your favorite perfume, cologne, or body spray around the room. You can also spray it on yourself. Although it’ll leave an even stronger scent, it’ll likely be much more pleasant.

You can even burn some incense or scented candles if you want to fill the room up with an alluring aroma. This is a quick and effective way to ensure your room doesn’t stink of weed. These methods are ideal when you catch the scent of marijuana in your house and can’t seem to get rid of it.

Make Sure Your Marijuana Is Stored Properly

Most of the time when your room smells of weed, it’s usually due to smoking it. However, in some cases, you might catch the scent of weed purely because you haven’t stored it properly. Some users leave their weed in open baggies or even just leave it out in the open. Not only will this degrade your weed faster, but it can also emit a strong scent.

No matter how pungent your weed is, you should store it properly. Proper storage helps maintain the freshness and the potency of your weed for as long as possible. It’ll also ensure it doesn’t smell when you’re not smoking it.

The best way to store your weed is by using sealable glass containers. Mason jars work particularly well for this, but any sealable container should be fine. You can also use a stash box or even a Cannabis Humidor. No matter what kind of container you use, store it in a cool, dry place to keep it away from heat, moisture, light, and air.

Take A Shower And Change Your Clothes

Not only can the smell of weed quickly overtake a room, but it can also cling to your hair, clothes, and even your skin. This can be a problem for users trying to be discreet as, even if you smoke outdoors, you might still end up smelling like weed when you get back inside.

Fortunately, handling this problem is simple enough. Spraying yourself with perfume or cologne works well, but to completely get rid of the smell of weed on your hair and skin you might want to take a shower. Of course, this isn’t a great idea if you’re already feeling lazy and couch-locked, but doing it early enough can help you avoid strong scents.

Changing your clothes is also a good idea. The smell of weed can cling to your clothes swiftly so if you’re trying to avoid the smell, you’ll want to change them as quickly as possible. Simply putting on some fresh clothes after showering will help get rid of the smell of weed on yourself.

Consider Alternatives To Smoking

Consider Alternatives To Smoking

Keep in mind that smoking weed isn’t your only option. Many users choose to smoke joints when they want to get high and, while it’s convenient and effective, it’ll leave behind the most smell. Pipes and Bongs can reduce the scent somewhat, but using alternative methods of consumption is usually the best approach.

Vaping marijuana is a good option if you want a similar experience to smoking without any harsh smoke. Vaporizing involves using a device to heat your products without burning them, giving you smooth, inhalable vapor that gets you high instantly. You can even get scented THC Vape Oils with delicious fruit flavors.

If you want to avoid leaving a scent behind altogether, then you can also consider marijuana-infused products such as Capsules, Edibles, or Oils. These offer quick and convenient ways to get the effects of marijuana without any smoke or vapor.


These methods will help you get rid of the smell of marijuana inside. Whether you’re trying to freshen up your room after a smoking session or want to avoid the scent altogether, these approaches will come in handy. Whether you’re looking for weed or marijuana-infused products, you can buy weed online at Leaf2Go Online Dispensary.