Whether you’re a regular marijuana user or a complete beginner, you should learn how to roll a joint. Although there are tons of more convenient ways to use marijuana these days, from smoking Pipes to using Edibles, rolling a joint is still a great option to have. Whether you want to smoke at home or with friends, you just need a few basic accessories to enjoy a good joint.

Rolling a joint can be tricky the first couple of times you try it, but once you get used to it, you’ll be able to roll densely packed and thoroughly satisfying joints at a moment’s notice. You can even customize your joints to make them stronger or longer-lasting. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to roll a joint.

Why Should You Learn To Roll a Joint?

It’s always helpful to learn how to roll a joint. Even though more and more new ways of consuming cannabis are emerging, many users still prefer the tried-and-tested method of rolling a joint and smoking it. You can do it from anywhere with just a few cheap tools and it’s fantastic for smoking with friends or by yourself.

Although rolling a joint might seem daunting to some beginners, it’s incredibly easy to get the hang of once you know what you’re doing. Once you learn, you’ll be able to smoke whenever you need to and impress your smoking buddies with your skills. You can even learn to roll more advanced joints for fun.

Rolling joints is also one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to use weed. Buying an eighth or half-ounce of weed is usually more cost-effective than buying pre-rolls, and all you need other than that is some rolling papers, a grinder, and a lighter, all of which can be found for cheap.

What You Need To Roll a Joint

What You Need To Roll a Joint

Before you start rolling joints, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things first. Of course, you’ll need some weed- also known as flower, bud, grass, and a plethora of other nicknames. The strain you choose will impact the effects and taste of your joint. Indica strains are more relaxing, sativa strains are more stimulating, and hybrid strains are somewhere in the middle.

You’ll also need Rolling Papers. These come in a variety of sizes and you should generally pick based on how much weed you want to use. The most common option is 1 ¼” Rolling Papers, but you may prefer 1 ½” Rolling Papers or King Size Papers for a bigger joint- especially if you’re planning to smoke with others. You might also want to grab some Filters.

Of course, you’ll also need a Grinder and a Lighter. You can’t roll a joint without grinding your weed first and using a weed grinder results in a much better joint than trying to pick your buds apart with your hands or with scissors. A Lighter is a given, although you can also use matches for lighting your joints.

How to Roll a Joint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have your weed, grinder, lighter, and rolling papers, it’s time to start rolling a joint. The process is pretty quick and painless and after a couple of tries, you’ll likely get the hang of it. Make sure you grind your weed into shake before rolling- this will ensure you get a nice, tightly-packed joint.

Step 1: Start by grabbing a filter tip, also known as a crutch. You can buy premade filter tips or make one out of a thick piece of paper or thin card. To make a filter, make sure the paper is around a centimeter wide and bend one end three or four times into a zig-zag shape. Roll the rest of the paper around it into a cylinder to create your filter.

Step 2: Lay your rolling paper flat and put the filter tip either on the left or right end. Fill the rest of the paper with an appropriate amount of weed. The amount you should use depends on the size of your paper and how much you like to smoke, but usually around a half-gram to a gram works best.

Step 3: Pick up both ends of the paper between your fingers and cradle the weed back and forth until it forms into a nice cone shape with more at the top and slightly less towards the filter. Keep the paper pinched around the filter to maintain the shape of the joint.

Step 4: Lick the edge of the paper and start slowly folding it over the filter and sealing it to the other end. Continue this process all the way up the paper until you end up with a satisfying cone-shaped joint.

Step 5: With your joint rolled, you can push the weed down at the top using a pen, packing tool, hoodie string or another narrow object to make it tighter. Twist the top to seal it. Now, simply burn the top down to the weed, inhale from the filter, and enjoy.

How To Make Your Joints Better

How To Make Your Joints Better

Now you know how to roll a joint, there are many ways to enhance them. For example, simply using different papers can make a difference- some are longer and make for stronger joints whereas some add unique flavors to your joints.

If you want to make your joints even more powerful, try mixing in some of your favorite cannabis concentrates. Kief is perfect for sprinkling on top of your weed before rolling, but you can also try adding some Hash, Shatter or Live Resin to make your joint extra potent.

You might even want to try making different kinds of joints. Simply sticking a couple of papers together can make for an extra-long joint, but you can also try making advanced joints such as cross joints or shotgun joints. These can be tricky to make, but you can find many tutorials online.


Rolling a joint is quick and simple once you get the hang of it. All you need is some weed, rolling papers, and a handy grinder and lighter and you’ll be making perfect joints in no time. If you need some high-quality cannabis to add to your joint, you can buy plenty of top-notch strains online at Leaf2Go.ca.