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Infused Worm Gummies by tjuice – 200mg THC

Infused Worm Gummies by tjuice – 200mg THC


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Compared to say … love, there’s something eternal about a fruit-flavoured gummy. It comes down to reliability: a true candy treat sensation that’s always just like the first time. Primary candy colours? Invitingly soft texture? That timeless melt in your mouth blush of fruity flavour? 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Our Infused Gummies do what candy gummies were born to do. And more. They’re perfectly infused with a precise measured dose of THC. Discover your own comparisons. 

Dose: 20mg THC per Gummy x 10 = 200mg THC per pack

Yummy goodness
Very good, two gummies gave me a nice feeling not too intense
Reviewed by:  from Manitoba . on 2/19/2019
mostly good
worms were potent but seemed kinda stale,hard to chew and swallow
Reviewed by:  from fredericton. on 2/18/2019
I take part of the gummy at night to help with sleep. Works great
Reviewed by:  from Alberta. on 1/28/2019
Best quality/price you can found, order 16 packs and enjoy each one, very discreet
Reviewed by:  from Trois-Rivières. on 1/6/2019
Best ever??
These are the tastiest worms I have ever eaten! Medicated or not! I love them and order them with every delivery. Great for movie nights!
Reviewed by:  from Vancouver . on 1/5/2019
Article de bonne qualité.
Vrai goût des jujube acheté en station service, mais le "buzz" ne ressemblait pas dû tous a ce que je m'attendais, un peu déçu a ce niveau.
Reviewed by:  from Montréal. on 8/26/2018
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