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Island Extracts Packaged Pre Rolls (5 x 0.6g) - Funky Skunk (Sativa)

Island Extracts Packaged Pre Rolls (5 x 0.6g) - Funky Skunk (Sativa)


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Island Extracts
Made of premium flower (not shake!) these joints weigh 0.6g+ and are rolled to perfection. Packed by 5 in a beautiful Island Extracts custom matchbox.

Funky SkunkFunky Skunk is a strain that has been developed over the past 20 years in the UK based on original Skunk genetics imported from the USA. It was using these Original Cheese clones from the UK that we get this stable hybrid with its strong cheesey odour that gives the strain its name. It was stabilised and domesticated by crossing it with an Afghan male which adds consistency to the plant and strengthens the taste and e ect, making this a strong, stable, hardy strain thats easy to grow either indoors or outside. 

Not quite as fruity as Citrus Skunk, this 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid reeks of sour, cheese-like funkiness wedded perfectly with subtle papaya and guava aromas. The buds are moderately covered in light, to medium-light coloured orange hairs (almost peachy).The smoke is enticingly smooth with more fruity notes than funk. This strain has some sativa landrace genetics (Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold), but it also seems to be crossed with a Cheese strain given the terpene profile. The effects are middle of the road for a sativa; not much of a cerebral buzz, but a very functional high.
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