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Kushy Bots – 300mg THC

Kushy Bots – 300mg THC


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Kushy Chews
This is not an edible for the light at heart. Experienced users only. 300mg of pure THC per bag. There are 2 pieces per bag, if you eat both pieces at once give yourself about 2 hours for the effects to fully kick in. Also, sometimes quite sour – be prepared for that too. Made with 97%+ Distillate
GOOEY!!!!! but good
My 1st time with this particular edible..I did read the reviews B4 hand..And yes these gummies are totally gooey, all melted together..even ordering in a colder mth didnt make any difference..I dont think I will order these again unless they can come up with a solution to the stickiness..but the effect was good..did the job!!
Reviewed by:  from mount forest. on 4/8/2019
Misleading, they come in as 2 very sticky sour chewy blobs. Tasted okay, did the job. But will probably not buy from the brand again. Customers should be able to trust who they are buying from!!
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 3/17/2019
Melted and squashed
They showed up melted and squished so I was unable to enjoy them
Reviewed by:  from Hanover Ontario . on 3/14/2019
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