Our company ships our mail order marijuana products to Hamilton and some other major cities and provinces in Canada. We have partnered with the best cannabis growers and chefs to bring you the finest weed bud, extracts, and edible food which will be shipped right to your home or any address that you will provide us. We offer discrete and safe shipment of our products like hash, cookies, loaf, butter, and many others which are all made from real marijuana. Enjoy your THC treats without the hassle of going to your nearest marijuana dispensaries. We have the same products and price as what you can get from your local dispensaries.

Aside from the high quality and low cost real mail order marijuana for sale that you can purchase from us, we also offer free shipping to $150 plus worth of orders. Hamilton residents who are medical marijuana card holders are also subject to discounts. Don't worry if you can't show us any medical marijuana cards because we also offer discounts to those who can prove their medical condition. 

A portion of all our earnings will go to marijuana legalization movement in Canada. If you buy from us, you will not only be getting high quality real marijuana products but you are also helping the cause. We fully support the legalization efforts in Canada. We, the company, are a group of friends who love trying cannabis strains and edibles. We have been doing this for a lot of years now and we have been sharing those cannabis treats to our friends. We were in the alcohol industry but instead of opening new alcohol stores, we have decided to go for a safer option which is marijuana.

Please take your time and browse our products in our website. If you want to buy any of our products, please let us know. You can visit our FAQ section to learn about how to order from LEAF2GO Canada.

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