Residents of Nova Scotia can now have the convenience as they buy real marijuana products because we created a website where an order can be completed online so there is no need to take rides and search for legal medical marijuana dispensaries that are quite hard to find in the local area. Weed products offered by our mail order marijuana store range from bud form to tinctures, hash, extracts and delicious THC treats that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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What we are offering in LEAF2GO Canada are real marijuana products for sale that are the same as what you can find in a local legal marijuana dispensary. However, to purchase from us is made more convenient because your order can be completed even at home through our online ordering system or by simply filling out the printable PDF order form.

Residents of Nova Scotia in areas such as Sydney, Yarmouth & Halifax who are medical marijuana card holders can take advantage of our discount prices. Prove to us your medical condition and we can reduce the price for you. Additional information can be obtained by clicking the medical condition discount page. 

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