With all of the different methods of marijuana consumption out there, eating Marijuana Edibles is one of the best. Edibles give you a unique experience from other methods of consumption. Not only is the high much more intense than smoking or vaping marijuana, but it’s also significantly longer. With that said, it’s important to know how to dose and ingest edibles properly.

Controlling your dosage with marijuana Canadian edibles is different than with other marijuana products. When you smoke or vape marijuana, the effects hit you instantly and you can stop whenever you feel high enough. Edibles can take a couple of hours to kick in and last for many hours after that, so it’s important not to take too much or you can easily end up having a bad trip.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you get an appropriate dose and avoid negative effects. If you use marijuana edibles wisely, they can be extremely enjoyable for both recreational and medical purposes. Here’s a guide on marijuana edibles, how to control your dose, how to ingest them properly, and where to buy them.

What are Marijuana Edibles

Nowadays, the THC in marijuana is often extracted for use in all kinds of unique products. One of the most popular kinds of marijuana products you can buy today is Marijuana Edibles. These are food products infused with the effects of marijuana, although the high they offer is quite different from smoking or vaping it.

When you eat marijuana edibles, your body digests the THC and converts it into a stronger form called 11-hydroxy-THC. While you’ll get the same kind of effects you’d expect from smoking marijuana, they’ll be much more potent and intense. Many people use edibles for the extreme psychoactive experience, but they can also be handy for medical use.

Edibles take some time to kick in and also last for a very long time. As such, it’s especially important to be careful with your dosage. However, as long as you use them in moderation, edibles offer one of the most fun ways to get high.

What are Marijuana Edibles

How Long Do Edibles Take To Get You High?

One of the main differences between marijuana edibles and other methods of consumption is the onset time. When you smoke or vape marijuana, you absorb THC instantly, resulting in extra fast-acting effects and benefits. However, when you eat edibles, you need to allow some time for the high to start.

According to a study, the effects of edibles usually kick in around 30-90 minutes after consumption, but they’ll last for up to 12 hours after that. Edibles take longer to kick in as your body first needs to digest the THC and convert it into 11-hydroxy-THC.

The length of time it takes for your high to kick in can vary. For instance, users with faster metabolisms are likely to feel the effects much faster. The kind of edibles you eat can also have an effect- some are quicker to digest than others. 

Make sure you wait for at least two hours for your high to kick in. It’s important not to eat any more edibles before your high kicks in- accidentally taking too much can result in a bad high. Fortunately, once the effects do kick in, you’ll be able to enjoy a potent high for a long time.

How Long Does The High From Edibles Last?

You might have to wait a while to feel high after eating marijuana edibles. However, the wait is worth it, as an edible high lasts much longer than the high from other marijuana products. The length of your high can vary depending on numerous factors, but you’ll get a significantly long-lasting high regardless.

A study found that peak effects occur at around 3-4 hours after eating edibles. However, the high can last as long as 4-12 hours and you may even feel some mild residual effects for longer. For comparison, the effects of smoking marijuana usually peak after 15-30 minutes and wear off after 2-3 hours.

There are a few factors that can impact the length of your high. For instance, higher doses can often result in a longer-lasting high. Some edibles also take longer to digest and give you sustained effects for a while. Individual differences such as your body weight and tolerance for THC can also have an impact.

How Long Does The High From Edibles Last

How To Ingest Marijuana Edibles Properly

One of the great things about marijuana edibles is just how easy they are to ingest. Edibles such as weed gummies are simply foods infused with THC and other cannabinoids. As such, all you have to do to get the effects of edibles is to eat them and wait.

That doesn’t mean you should eat a whole bag of edibles or a whole marijuana brownie. It’s important to check how much THC is in each serving. First-timers shouldn’t go beyond 10mg of THC, and you may have to split your edibles up into smaller pieces if they contain too much THC.

It’s also important to remember that you might have to wait a while before you feel high. While the usual onset time for edibles is 30-90 minutes, many factors can make a difference and some users may have to wait longer. Don’t get the urge to eat more edibles- it won’t make your high come on faster and can result in an uncomfortably strong high.

How To Manage Your Edibles Dosage

Managing your dosage is especially important with marijuana edibles. Since the high is both more potent and longer-lasting than with other methods of consumption, controlling your dose wisely helps to avoid any bad trips.

When you buy marijuana edibles, the packaging will tell you how much THC each serving contains. For example, THC Gummies often contain 10mg of THC in each piece, making it extra easy to get a sensible dose. Products like Marijuana Brownies may require you to split them up into smaller pieces. For example, if a cookie or brownie contains 50mg of THC, you might want to split it up into quarters or less.

Knowing the right dose to take with homemade edibles can be even trickier. If you make edibles at home, take note of how much weed you use and how strong you’d expect each serving to be. You may want to begin with an extra small dose just to test out how potent your edibles are.

Best Edibles Dose For Beginners

Best Edibles Dose For Beginners

While it’s straightforward enough to control your dose with edibles, how much should you be taking? The answer depends mainly on your tolerance and how you react to edibles. However, it’s important to take a small dose the first time.

Beginners usually start with around 10mg of THC. Even if you’re used to smoking a lot of marijuana, edibles are much stronger and starting with a low dose will help you get used to the effects. A dose of 10mg will still give you strong and long-lasting effects without being too overwhelming.

Once you’re used to the effects of edibles, you might want to gradually increase your dosage. However, do it with care. Going up by increments of 5-10mg will ensure you don’t accidentally take an excessive dose.

You can also go as low as you like. Some users prefer to take lower doses of marijuana edibles. It helps to induce a high that’s still long-lasting without being too overpowering, making it perfect for medical use or getting high without feeling too out of it.

How To Microdose With Marijuana Edibles

Microdosing is a great approach for users who don’t want the extra powerful effects that edibles usually bring. Microdosing involves taking a small dose that gives you milder effects. In extra small doses, the effects may even be barely noticeable.

With the usual recommended dose for beginners being 10mg, you might want to take 2.5mg-5mg. Some users might even want to go even smaller. Since edibles are so strong, you can still get the effects and reap the medical benefits of THC even with an extra-low dose.

You microdose by splitting edibles into smaller servings. For instance, you could split a 10mg THC gummy into halves or quarters. You could also split a THC chocolate bar, brownie or cookie into small pieces.

Microdosing is a good option for medical users. You can get effects such as relief for chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and stress without getting too high. Even if you’re using edibles recreationally, a microdose can give you mild effects while still enabling you to be relatively active and focused for the day.

How To Microdose With Marijuana Edibles

What Is An Edibles High Like?

Edibles give you the same effects as you’d get from other methods of marijuana consumption. However, the effects are much more intense than usual. You’ll get powerful cerebral effects that will boost your mood and heighten your senses. You’ll also get strong physical effects that make you feel soothed and sedated.

Much like smoking or vaping marijuana, the effects can also vary depending on the strain. Edibles are extracted from different strains of marijuana. Edibles extracted from indica strains are more likely to make you feel relaxed and sedated, whereas edibles extracts from sativa strains will have more stimulating cerebral effects. Edibles extracted from hybrid strains give you a mix of both.

The effects are often highly euphoric and sedating. The physical high is usually especially prominent- you’re likely to feel incredibly lazy and couch-locked. It can also help by providing very strong relief for pain, aches, and strains. The head high is often hazy and dreamy while also relieving you of stress and depression.

Some users may prefer to stick to alternatives such as smoking weed or using cannabis tinctures, especially as the strong effects of edibles can last for many hours. However, users who want the hardest-hitting effects THC has to offer or want extra-strong medical relief will enjoy using edibles.

How To Get Marijuana Edibles

If you want to try out marijuana edibles, there are a few ways to get them. Currently, cannabis edibles aren’t available in physical cannabis stores in Canada. However, with new regulations coming into effect soon, consumers will soon be able to buy them in stores.

Most users buy edibles online. As well as edible products such as THC gummies and chocolate bars, you can also find marijuana-infused drinks such as marijuana tea and juice mixes.

You can even make edibles yourself. Some users make marijuana edibles by decarbing cannabis and infusing it into cannabis butter or oil, prime for use in all kinds of recipes. For a simpler method, you can infuse foods and drinks with cannabis tinctures. You can find all kinds of marijuana recipes online or even create your own.

Best Marijuana Edibles To Buy

Best Marijuana Edibles To Buy

Buying edibles online is the best method for getting high-quality marijuana edibles. You can find all kinds of THC-infused food products and even drinks, all available for discreet delivery across the country. Here are some of the best marijuana edibles you can buy.

Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts - These caramel treats are another fantastic option. Each caramel contains a 10mg dose of THC, but you can easily cut them into halves if you want a smaller dose. You get a total of 80mg in each pack. You can also choose between Indica Cara-Melts or Sativa Cara-Melts depending on the kind of effects you’re looking for.


Marijuana Edibles are one of the greatest ways to enjoy the effects of THC, but you need to dose wisely. Keep in mind that edibles can take an hour or two to kick in, and last for up to 12 hours when they do. Don’t go beyond 10mg of THC your first time and increase your dose wisely in future sessions. You can also microdose with edibles for milder effects. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can buy edibles online in many forms. Visit Leaf2go Online Dispensary Canada now