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Organic Black Haze Hybrid AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can

Organic Black Haze Hybrid AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can


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High quality, organically grown and packaged in cans containing 7 grams in each. The Tuna can provides an airtight seal which preserves freshness and blocks light. A humidity pack is included in each can to ensure the RH remains consistent to prevent drying and mold. 

Black Haze – A slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a three-way cross of the classic Colombian Black, Colombian Gold and Purple Haze strains. With a super potent THC level and a myriad of uplifting and arousing effects, Black Haze is one heavy hitting bud that is perfect for kicking back in the afternoon. The Black Haze high starts with a mellow cerebral lift that offers a slight mood boost and a feeling of happy focus. As this high builds, your focus will shift to a more talkative state, leading you to chat for seemingly hours on end with anyone around you. As your head high builds, a tingly body buzz will slowly wash over you, lulling you into a state of relaxation that quickly turns into arousal. 

With these effects and its powerful THC level, Black Haze is recommended for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, stress, depression, seizures, and migraines. Black Haze buds have a sweet woody berry flavor with a smooth cherry aftertaste. The aroma is of sweet burning cherrywood with hints of earth and a mild spiciness that’s released as the nugs are broken apart.
Not Great Pot...
...But it's good pot. I find better results smoking this strain than vaping it.
Reviewed by:  from . on 4/6/2019
Was expecting more of a sativa like high but for me this was used as a night time smoke , looks just like photos . Storing in the jar brought out almost a grape or berry like smell. I hope this product gets restocked . And service from leaf2go is top notch.
Reviewed by:  from . on 1/11/2019
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