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Organic Bently Fire Indica AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can

Organic Bently Fire Indica AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can


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High quality, organically grown and packaged in cans containing 7 grams in each. The Tuna can provides an airtight seal which preserves freshness and blocks light. A humidity pack is included in each can to ensure the RH remains consistent to prevent drying and mold. 

Bently Fire OG Bentley Fire OG – is a indica hybrid strain that was named after the world famous Bentley car. This strain has unknown genetics due to the secrecy of its breeders, although it is widely agreed that it is most likely an OG Kush phenotype. With an intense THC level Bentley Fire OG is definitely a top-shelf bud. Users describe the Bentley high as an onset of a strong warming body buzz that leaves you calm, sleepy, and intensely couch-locked. You’ll experience an instant body melt into wherever you are sitting followed by an overwhelming feeling of lethargy and an almost immediate fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. Due to these potent indica effects, Bentley Fire OG is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and chronic stress. These nugs are spattered with thick furry fiery orange hairs and a thin layer of trichomes. Bentley Fire OG has an almost confusing aroma of pungent sweet floral that is oddly fragrant and savory, and a taste of sweet tangy floral herbs.
nice , smooth ,clean . can't expect much better for the price .I like the can idea with humidity control . I will order more .
Reviewed by:  from Saskatoon. on 2/21/2019
Reviewed by:  from Halle saale. on 12/16/2018
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