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Organic Grape Goddess BHO - 232mg THC & 414mg CBD

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Organically grown indoor Grape Goddess from the West Kootenays is extracted with N-tane to create this incredible profile of medicine: 232mg THC per gram and 411mg CBD per gram. Lab Tested by a Health Canada approved Lab. This profile of cannabis concentrate has proved beneficial across the board no matter the medical condition, nor the time of day to night. 

Grape Goddess BHO is helpful for daytime pain, night time pain, sleep, appetite, concentration, focus, reducing stress, decreasing inflammation, improving mood, and has been very helpful for those with neuro-degenerative illnesses and cancer as the oil is usually all they need to help with day to day symptom relief and to slow the progression of the illness in the case of cancer and neuro-degenerative illnesses. One of the most medicinal strains ever bred in the West Kootenay region of B.C.

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