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Organic OG Gorilla Glue Kush Hybrid AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can

Organic OG Gorilla Glue Kush Hybrid AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can


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High quality, organically grown and packaged in cans containing 7 grams in each. The Tuna can provides an airtight seal which preserves freshness and blocks light. A humidity pack is included in each can to ensure the RH remains consistent to prevent drying and mold. 

OG Gorilla Glue – a cross between OG Kush and GG #4 which are both top of the line strains. This bud takes on a stronger high than both of its parents, packing head-spinning stoney effects that are fueled by a high THC levels. The high is a creeper, suddenly taking hold of your entire body with a stoney feeling that leaves you unable to accomplish much of anything. You’ll be hopelessly couch-locked and completely ecstatic to be so, relaxing in utter happiness that’s mind numbing and totally blissful. OG Gorilla Glue Kush has a classic flavor of dank earthy diesel and spices with a super powerful stench to match that can fill (and evacuate) any room.
GG4 in a can for freshness and it works . nice clean well timed buds. smoked good taste ok
Reviewed by:  from Saskatoon. on 3/12/2019
The quality of this sadly must be all over the place as the can I purchased looked and smelt good but burnt black and gave me a headache. I would not buy again for the money Leaf2go carries better!
Reviewed by:  from . on 12/21/2018
expensive for 7g,but worth every dollars to me. fat and sticky buds,looking as good as it smells the taste is exacty what you should be expecting from gg4,that earthy/kushy taste. would recommend!
Reviewed by:  from . on 12/20/2018
Reviewed by:  from . on 12/15/2018
Excellent quality stuff
This product is truly AAAAA. Great looking nugs. Tons of crystals. Smells amazing, taste amazing and most importantly is very potent! Gorilla Glue is my all time fav strain and this one, though pricey, did not disappoint. Would buy again!
Reviewed by:  from Ottawa. on 9/11/2018
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