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Organic Purple Flame Hybrid AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can

Organic Purple Flame Hybrid AAAA+ Flower 7 Grams in Tuna Can


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High quality, organically grown and packaged in cans containing 7 grams in each. The Tuna can provides an airtight seal which preserves freshness and blocks light. A humidity pack is included in each can to ensure the RH remains consistent to prevent drying and mold. 

Purple Flame - This hybrid's name is well deserved, for after firing up on it, you will experience a beautiful high. To begin, the appearance is beautiful, featuring large amounts of reddish hairs against a purpled / red colored bud, which are slathered with crystals. There are a moderate amount of leaves, which are bright green. It has a medium amount of aroma, which is close to a sniff at the produce isle. 

The taste is like that of a grape which has been fermented in spices. The buzz is a body and head combination, which will leave you full of energy and wanting to get creative. Medicinally, it is used as a pain reliever, and to treat depression, and paranoia. The side effects after smoking this are nice, the body buzz giving you a smooth feeling, as well as taking care of minor pains, and then you get a hit of sleepiness. All in all this is a nice, full bodied balanced weed.
By far one of the most visually appealing buds, great high and amazing smell and taste. 85 for a q is pricey but worth it.
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