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Premium Afghani Hash by Zen Labs 7 Grams

Premium Afghani Hash by Zen Labs 7 Grams


Premium Afghani Hash 1 gram

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Zen Labs

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There’s a sweet-cinnamon clove scent. Burns with a heavy lingering blue-grey smoke that fills the air like incense in a breathtaking ancient Buddhist temple…..
afghani hash
smooth smoke-nice high-makesyou fee mellow and relaxed
Reviewed by:  from on. on 2/19/2019
Allright !!!
Nice smooth taste, good buzz, one great little hash,will order more for sure
Reviewed by:  from Montreal. on 2/14/2019
Good shit!
In 1960s terms, this is good shit, man. Bestt I've had in a very long time.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 2/5/2019
Nice evening hash
Nice crumble when brazed, sweet taste. Not as strong as some other goldseal hash. 4 stars
Reviewed by:  from Alberta. on 11/4/2018
Very impressed.
I found this hash to be incredibly smooth on it's own in a pipe. It's even smoother in a water pipe!! I tried 1 gram of this and wasted no time in buying the 7 grams. It's a very nice buzz and doesn't take much to get there. I will definitely be buying more.
Reviewed by:  from ON. on 10/6/2018
This hashis goodi dont think it is premium not what there claiming this hash is what i would expect to get for afgani gold seal
Reviewed by:  from . on 4/4/2018
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