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Premium CBD Tincture (Gluten Free) by Pure CBD – 500mg (30ml)

Premium CBD Tincture (Gluten Free) by Pure CBD – 500mg (30ml)


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Pure CBD
Our Premium CBD Tincture is Gluten Free, Completely Non- Psychoactive. 99.7% Pure CBD Crystal carried in MCT Oil. Made in a FDA Registered Lab Grade Facility. 

Please shake well before use. For Sublingual use, 0.25 ML to 1 ML daily placed under tongue for at least 10 seconds before swallowing. 

Dose: 500mg CBD (30mL) per bottle
Great CBD oil!
Virtually no taste. I take half dropper under the tongue and find it works very quickly for my foot pain.
Reviewed by:  from Lethbridge. on 8/15/2019
Best CBD oil I’ve tried! Finally something that relaxes my restless legs! It helps me sleep ALL night & no grogginess in the morning!
Reviewed by:  from Quebec. on 7/9/2019
Good product, keeps me going every day, without this product I could not continue to work.
Reviewed by:  from Blind River, ON. on 1/13/2019
Zero effect
I don't get it. This product has absolutly no effect on me. Can't believe I paid 70$.
Reviewed by:  from Montreal. on 1/8/2019
Great CBD Oil
I cant even describe how happy I am L2G have this product! i was looking everywhere for Pure CBD Isolate Oil, something better than Hemp CBD oil, this oil wont make you tired or groggy it helps so much with my PTSD, anxiety, depression and cant even start to say how much it helped my physical pain I struggle with daily. This product is a god send I will definitely buy more bottles of this CBD OIl it is a must for me, I hope L2G always keep this CBD Oil in stock it is effective and just what a medical patient like me needs!!! Thank you guys L2G always comes through <3
Reviewed by:  from Montreal . on 11/6/2018
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