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Premium Honey Oil by Pura Concentrates - 1g

Premium Honey Oil by Pura Concentrates - 1g


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Pura Concentrates
Pura Concentrates honey oil is premium quality honey oil made using ISO solvent quick wash with a special filtration process as well as a winterization and final rinse, which produces a product with very high THC and massive terpene flavor. Used orally, topically, you can vape it, smoke it, eat it, or smear it on your skin. Its good for a variety of medicinal uses and works great with baking and food infusion. Also works excellent as a base ingredient for creating THC vape juice. Has a yellow hue and is transparent.

Note: 75-85% THC.  THC % does change from batch to batch. 
Awesome concentrate
This honey oil is simply awesome if you have high tolerance: Put some on the inner mid-lower part of the pape, add leaf shatter and your favorite buds. i put afghani hash too sometimes. Take a piece on your wax tool, roll it in your kief and put it on a cherry in a bottle with a hole, burn like hash. 100% recommended, will buy again since i ordered one last month ago and finish it today
Reviewed by:  from Quebec. on 1/26/2019
Pura concentrates
Awesome product very thick, highly recommended....
Reviewed by:  from Manitoulin Isand. on 1/14/2019
Nice honey oil
I smoked it old school on a paper... tastey! Smooth smoke.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 1/13/2019
honey oil
i vaped the honey oil-smooth_very nice high-highly recommend
Reviewed by:  from ontario. on 1/8/2019
This concentrate is quite smooth and very good tasting. I refilled some mini vape cartridges (different supplier) and it vaped very well. At 85% THC, it is really strong too. A little goes a long way. I wish that it came in a glass syringe, as heating the oil up to get in the cartridges was very limited due to the plastic syringe.
Reviewed by:  from ON. on 8/30/2018
Best oil to bake with
I have bought this oil twice now for edibles for my nerve pain. Helps me a lot for evenings when your regular meds just aren’t enough. I syringe made 48 mini muffins. Frozen then in batch very easy to use
Reviewed by:  from Ottawa. on 8/23/2018
Great product from a honest company 5stars
Reviewed by:  from . on 8/12/2018
Une parmi les meilleures !
Cette Premium Honey Oil est d'une telle pureté ! Elle est douce et ces effets ce font sentir rapidement ! Sans compter que, le mot Premium pèse beaucoup dans cette qualité d'huile ! Pura Concentrates ?? et l'équipe de Leaf2go ??
Reviewed by:  from Granby, Qc . on 5/17/2018
the aftertaste is amazing
tastes real good, only honey oil tastes like that, yummy off the knives. Flashback to Getting high before Kiss concert 1978.
Reviewed by:  from Winnipeg. on 9/14/2017
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