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Quadz Premium Nug Shatter 1g (Various Strains Available)

Quadz Premium Nug Shatter 1g (Various Strains Available)


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Quadz is a local company, specializing in the production of high-end extracts. Their premium brand of shatter is already becoming a favourite among many shatter users in B.C. and across Canada. Their soil to oil process takes place in house, under the supervision of qualified experts, who have worked in the cannabis industry for years. This ensures that Quadz products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. 

Patients ranging from beginner users, to avid enthusiasts have been raving about the wonderful flavours and variety that Quadz offers. Many reviews on online blogs and website are a testament to the fantastic products that Quadz produces and brings to the market. Users point to smooth smoke, delightful tastes, and exceptional highs as their biggest reasons for continuing to buy the various flavours that Quadz offers. This company continues to see success, as customers continue to see why this company’s products are so far ahead of its competitors. 
The Wizard!!!!!! Niiice...
Great Shatter,Tastes odd,good odd! well be buying again :D YOU SHOULD TOO!! 5+ Star
Reviewed by:  from Sussex NB. on 2/19/2019
Reviewed by:  from Toronto. on 2/9/2019
Quadz Tropicana
Tried this shatter. Was very good as are most Quadz products I've tried. Very Piney tasting. I love the taste. Stong effects including relaxation and mood stabilization followed by insomnia relief lol. Always knocked me right out even during the daytime sometimes once coming down. Very happy with this strain. One of my favorite nighttime shatters.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 1/16/2019
Leaf2go is a great company to choose when ordering online. Always on time and affordable..great products. I've dealt with a few companies that weren't so good, but once I found leaf2go I never went back.
Reviewed by:  from Newmarket. on 1/12/2019
Great product waiting for Canada post not great
Reviewed by:  from Windsor. on 1/9/2019
Really good glass. I tried insomnia and wizards. Good quality!
Reviewed by:  from Saskatoon. on 1/5/2019
Quality for the price, tried many strains and always is enjoyed.
Reviewed by:  from . on 9/12/2018
Great product for the price
I tried the different brands of shatter on this site and this one is by far the nicest :) Way better than Phyto and Diamond. Will buy again.
Reviewed by:  from Ottawa. on 8/27/2018
My New Favourite Shatter
This has got to be by far my most liked buy on this site. This shatter blew me away with how clean the 5 (9) Distill tasted. Definitely my new favorite brand of shatter for the quality and price it's amazing!
Reviewed by:  from Toronto, ON. on 6/21/2018
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