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Rolex Hash 1g by Glass Robot

Rolex Hash 1g by Glass Robot


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Glass Robot

Rolex Seal Hash – A Unique blend of indicas are used to create classic hash. It will typically leave you feeling relaxed and almost sedated. All the flowers are native grown without the use of pesticides. The processing of the flowers into the concentrate is also done by Native groups. A portion of the proceeds will go to help develop First Nation communities.

This indica dominant hash; Rolex Moroccan hash is hard, non-pliable by touch and organically produced. It is a very heavy indica which makes it quite potent. The taste is so smooth that it does not harm the throat. It smells sweet and earthy but lightly spicy as it burns. When you smoke it, it burns with an a nice ember, slowly and evenly. The Rolex  goes straight to your head and works it way down your body. It acts as a great painkiller and will most likely make you couch locked.

Excellent pain, stress, and anxiety relief, With or without adding it with a bud.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 5/6/2019
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