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Roz'n King Flower Pressed Rosin 1g - Lemon Hash Plant

Roz'n King Flower Pressed Rosin 1g - Lemon Hash Plant


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Roz'n King
Rosin is a cannabis concentrate. Like shatter, wax, and oil, rosin is incredibly potent. Unlike other concentrates, extraction does not require a solvent. For those who worry about what goes into making cannabis concentrates, this solventless option is incredibly appealing. 

Lemon Hash Plant is an Indica Dominant Hybrid, this is a true smokers strain. Crossed between Lemon Kush and the infamous OG of the bud world, Hash Plant. These bud are some of the most densely packed nugs we’ve ever seen! They are also completely caked with big bright resign covered trichomes. As beautiful it is to look at, it also smells great with its strong lemon/pine aroma. 

At first smoke, you will notice a rush of creativity followed by a sense of euphoria. This amazing high is followed by a sedated couch lock. Lemon Hash Plant is definitely a creeper! This strain is ideal for medical users suffering from Stress, Depression, Chronic Pain, Lack of Appetite, and Insomnia.
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