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Russian Doll Sativa AAAA+ Bud

Russian Doll Sativa AAAA+ Bud


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Russian Doll, which is also known as Muñeka Rusa in Spain, combines genetics of Northern Light, AK-47, and Kuban Sativa into a magnificent plant with 70% Sativa genetics. Don’t confuse Kuban Sativa with landraces from the Caribbean Island of Cuba. This Kuban Sativa originates from the Kuban region in southern Russia and is highly valued among Russian growers. 

Russian Doll is sativa-dominant but displays typical Indica characteristics in its growth, including deep green leaves and medium heights. Effects of Russian Doll are both physical and mental but lean more towards a classic, long-lasting Sativa high. AK-47 is mainly responsible for these uplifting effects. Kuban Sativa might sound like a strain that would enhance these Sativa-like cerebral effects but it actually contributes to the physical part of the high, providing a calm and relaxed body stone, and the same can be said for the Northern Light lineage. Flavours of Russian Doll are characterized by aromatic wood and spices.

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted
Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Woody
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