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Scout Master Sativa dominant Budder 1g by Island Extracts

Scout Master Sativa dominant Budder 1g by Island Extracts

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Island Extracts BHO concentrates are made in a lab-grade closed loop system, de-waxed and vacuum-oven-purged for a minimum of 72 hours. Input material consists of frosty screen trim and small buds.  

Scout master is a Sativa dominant hybrid that will leave you with your nose stuck to the bud, both figuratively and literally. not only is the smell intoxicating but the buds are simply covered in sticky trichomes. The smell is a very strong sour lemon/lime flavor, and yes it fallows threw to the taste. With its mouth watering lemon flavor you simply want to sit and enjoy your smoking experience, then get up and enjoy the euphoric visual high that Scout Master brings. 

If your looking for your typical sativa look no further. Scout Master leaves you energized, happy/giggly, focused, and just loving life. Comes highly recommended by all who try her, Scout Master is great for stress, anxiety, depression, focus, and energy. 

Effects: Energized, Focus, Happy
Flavors: Citrus, Lemon, Sour

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