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Shatter Shack 5 Grams Shatter Sample Pack

Shatter Shack 5 Grams Shatter Sample Pack


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Interested in getting a good deal on Shatter Shack? Look no further then our Shatter Shack Sample Pack. 

Get 1 gram each of:
Bubba Kush
Master Bubba
New Purple Power

Taste Tester
This was an OK deal and the great folks at L2G hooked me up with 8 different strains when I bought two of these packs. dark colors and strong flavours. Death Bubba - very earthy, pungent. potent! almost black. not a bad smoke but not great either. Rockstar - kind of tan, sharp taste and fierce burn. Bubba Kush - dark brown, *not shatter*. this was all pull and no snap. possibly overweight, and probably the best overall smoke of my lot. would NOT buy again. Rockstar x Tuna Kush - darker than BK. smooth tasteless smoke with literal dirt finish C4 - green. pretty gooey. been leaving me burning, ok but odd taste up to the burn finish. I wasn't harsh enough on it in my review on that product page the other 3 I haven't smoke enough or any of yet. they look pretty similar to RS or RSxTK.
Reviewed by:  from Earth. on 10/12/2017
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