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Smyle 500mg THC Vape Juice (5ml) - Natural

Smyle 500mg THC Vape Juice (5ml) - Natural


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Regular natural flavor THC vape juice. We use a proprietary blend of natural extracts and flavours to create an all-natural, organic liquid that is compatible with most vape tanks and pens available on today's market. 

An innovative, discrete way to get your daily intake; Smyle THC V-liquid is a fantastic product for on the go, or at home. Simply put in into your portable THC vaporizer and you’re all set. This product has 500MG THC per 5ML. A whole bottle contains 500MG of V-Liquid and comes in a variety of flavours. 

Made from 100% organic ingredients, containing THC distillate, coconut extracts, essential oils and natural flavours! This product will definitely leave you with a “Smyle” on your face.
Not a good experience
I too didn't feel well after using this product. Flu like symptoms and one of the worst cases of cold shakes ever. It almost turned me off vaping completely. The product was also incredibly harsh and the taste wasn't very good either.
Reviewed by:  from ON. on 8/27/2018
Buyer Beware
First I must emphasize that this is strictly my own experience with this product, but perhaps it'll help someone else who also has the same problem as I. So with that said, I bought this product to use in my vape pen as before I was buying prefilled cartridges at a much higher cost. I figured this would be a cheaper and better option as I just wanted to refill cartridges rather than buying new ones. It does that just fine, however what would happen is a short time after I'd get shortness of breath followed by feeling like I had the flu - hot, cold, hot, etc and then just feeling like crap the next day or so. I didn't make the connection at first until I realized it would only happen after using this particular product and it happened a few more times. It certainly seems like I'm allergic to something in this product as I have family who uses their CBD e-liquid with no issues, however that product too has the same ill effects on me. I don't want this to be a negative review as there are those out there that this would be the perfect alternative for, and it certainly gets you high, however I really wish I had known I would have such a reaction prior to buying this.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 8/5/2018
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