Marijuana enthusiasts now have an easier time than ever. Not only can you find many cannabis stores across the country, but you can also buy marijuana online or even grow your own (provided that you’re in a province that permits it). Many users will end up with a huge stash of weed, so it’s important to know how to keep weed fresh.

Storing weed properly is important if you want to maintain the taste, potency, and freshness of your buds. Although weed will naturally degrade over time, research suggests that you can maintain fresh and potent weed for up to two years if you take storage seriously and keep it away from certain elements. So how should you keep your weed fresh? Here’s what you need to know about storing marijuana.

Use Sealed Glass Containers

There are many different ways you can store marijuana, but only a few are truly effective. Many users simply stash their weed in a drawer or, even worse, leave it in a plastic bag. If you want to truly maintain the quality of your weed, it’s important to store it in a high-quality container. One of the best ways to do this is with sealed glass containers.

Marijuana containers don’t have to be expensive or fancy. Even Mason Jars can do the job well. You should make sure you clean them out and dry them thoroughly before you store any marijuana in there, but as long as they’re clean and dry, you can stack plenty of marijuana buds in a single jar.

Storing your weed in glass containers is one of the best methods of storage. You can keep elements such as moisture and oxygen out and it’s also extremely cost-effective. Make sure you store your glass containers of cheap weed somewhere cool and dry such as a drawer or cupboard to avoid excess heat or sunlight.

Consider Cannabis Humidors

Another one of the best ways to store your weed is with a Cannabis Humidor. These are small boxes that are specifically designed to keep your weed nice and fresh by maintaining the perfect level of humidity. Not only do they look cool and stylish, but they can also keep your weed fresh for a long time.

Cannabis Humidors usually have a wooden exterior and contain some small glass containers inside for storing your weed. Simply store your weed in these containers and close the top and you can rest assured that your weed will remain fresh. Make sure you use a Cannabis Humidor and not a regular Cigar Humidor- these are not optimized for weed storage and won’t work well.

As great as Cannabis Humidors can be for storing your weed, they have some drawbacks. Most are limited in terms of storage space and you might not be able to keep all your weed in there if you have a huge stash. They’re also quite expensive and some users may prefer to stick to simple and affordable glass jars.

Storing Marijuana: How To Keep Weed Fresh

Make Use Of Humidity Packs

Many users store their weed using glass jars but would prefer to have the humidity control given by Cannabis Humidors. However, there is a middle ground. Humidity packs are small sachets containing a saturated solution designed for keeping weed at the right humidity. They offer two-way humidity control and can be used in various ways.

If you’re storing your weed in glass jars, you might want to add a humidity pack in each one. That way, you can keep your buds at an optimal humidity level and maintain their freshness for even longer. Humidity packs don’t cost too much and you usually get multi-packs so you’ll have plenty to use. They also work well for other kinds of containers, such as wooden or plastic stash boxes.

There are many different types of humidity packs out there. Brands such as Boveda and Boost make great humidity packs that work well for marijuana. They offer different levels of humidity and it’s usually best to use the 54% or 62% humidity packs for long-lasting cannabis quality.

Vacuum Seal Your Weed For Long-Lasting Freshness

Another popular way to store weed is with vacuum packs. This will require a little more effort but can be helpful for the long-term storage of marijuana buds. The process is just the same as storing anything else in vacuum packs- you simply pack your weed inside, vacuum the air out, and store them away somewhere safe.

There are some drawbacks to vacuum sealing your weed. Plastic can degrade after a long time which may affect the quality of your weed. It also takes more effort to store your weed and to get it out when you need it whereas other methods of storage are much more convenient.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t come in handy. Vacuum sealing is usually used by those with large stashes of weed from growing it regularly. If you have a lot of weed to store and not enough space in regular containers, you might want to vacuum seal some till you have use for it.

Vacuum Seal Your Weed For Long-Lasting Freshness

Store Your Weed In A Cool, Dry Place

No matter whether you choose to store your weed in glass containers, a stash box, a humidor, vacuum packs, or any other method of storage, it’s also important to keep it in the right place. Cannabis can quickly degrade if it’s exposed to elements such as heat, moisture, sunlight, and oxygen.

The best way to keep your weed fresh is to store your containers in a cool, dry place. Something like a cupboard, a drawer or a cabinet works just fine. That way your weed won’t be affected by any excess light, heat, or moisture.

It’s also important to ensure none of these elements get inside your containers. For instance, if you use a glass container that’s still wet from being washed, the moisture can degrade your weed and might even make it moldy. Make sure to always use dry containers and release any excess air.


Every marijuana user should take some steps to keep their weed fresh. You don’t have to put in a ton of effort- simply store your weed in a clean, dry container such as a Mason Jar or Cannabis Humidor and keep it in a cool, dry place. Using humidity packs can also help. If you’re looking for marijuana and other marijuana products, you can find what you need at Leaf2Go Online Dispensary.