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SunnySide Botanicals Pure Raw Isolate -10g

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Can be used for almost anything! 
  • Infuse your own cooking oils 
  • Make your own bathbombs or bathscrubs 
  • Add it to your e-juice for vaping 
  • Make your own tinctures 
Each unit has a heat-sealed plastic wrapper to indicate any tampering. 
Each unit has a nature-inspired custom art working indicating the weight of its contents. 
Each unit will have an affixed label with a link / code to verify its quality with its lab results. 
Guaranteed THC Free - We test each batch of isolate and post results on our website 

Our product is suitable for anyone who is concerned about urinary screenings. Usage of any other kind of CBD product will show up as THC in drug tests. Flight Attendants, Camp workers, or anyone in recovery will be able to use our tinctures with confidence.

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