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SunnySide Botanicals Water Based NANO Drops 300MG CBD - 30ML

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Oil CBD Edibles are around 10% efficicient, so it is over 9x the strength– 10mg edible = 1mg NANO in terms of effectiveness of dosing.

CBD Oil taken sublingually is around 33% so it is 3x the strength – 1000mg/30ml tincture = 30mg/ml = 10mg NANO

Opposed to other oil-based tinctures, NANO is water-soluble, diluted with distilled water, instead of MCT oil, making it ideal for mixing with your favorite beverages! Drop into your morning coffee or shake Mix with your pre / post work out for quick relief of stiffness or post work-out soreness Drop in a large water-bottle and micro dose throughout the day! Convenient and subtly discreet! 

What about bioavailability? NANO CBD particles are between 400-2000% smaller than other oil-based CBD products, which make’s it INCREDIBLY efficient, no matter how one ingests it – up to 95% bioavailable! Better yet: It is more than 3 times as strong as our other CBD, so you only need 1/3 the dose!* You don’t have to hold it under your tongue, and you can enjoy it with any other beverage. Better still: its benefits are felt much more quickly too!

  • Comes with a measured, tamper evident dropper 
  • Dilluted with 100% distilled water 
  • GUARANTEED THC FREE – Suitable for anyone who is concerned about urinary screenings Flight attendants, camp workers, anyone in recovery can use this product with confidence

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