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Tetra Tears Honey Oil - 1mL

Tetra Tears Honey Oil - 1mL

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Tetra Tears honey oil is premium quality honey oil made using ISO solvent quick wash with a special filtration process as well as a winterization and final rinse, which produces a product with very high THC and massive terpene flavor. Used orally, topically, you can vape it, smoke it, eat it, or smear it on your skin. Its good for a variety of medicinal uses and works great with baking and food infusion. Also works excellent as a base ingredient for creating THC vape juice. Has a yellow hue and is transparent.

Note: 75-85% THC.  THC % does change from batch to batch. 
5 Stars
the aftertaste is amazing
tastes real good, only honey oil tastes like that, yummy off the knives. Flashback to Getting high before Kiss concert 1978.
Reviewed by: . on 9/14/2017

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