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Tetra Technologies Flavored THC Distillate 1g – Orange Velvet

Tetra Technologies Flavored THC Distillate 1g – Orange Velvet


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Tetra Technologies
Not for the faint at heart, Tetra’s pure THC distillate is a fine reflection of our best crafting to date. With THC ranging in percentage between 85-95%, this is the distillate you have been waiting for, folks. Exceptional measures have been taken to deliver a premium distillate. Pure and clean, this oil can be consumed by any method, making it Tetra’s most versatile and concentrated medicine. 

Tetra’s proprietary distillation process allows us to distill cannabinoids at very low temperatures for removal of and lipids, impurities and solvents – leaving behind an odourless, high-quality clear distillate with exceptionally high cannabinoid count.
Tetra thc distillate-orange velvet
I bought this distillate to vape-it was far too thick to do so-the distillate was too thick to absorb into a cookie-had to heat it up and put on rolling papers-that being said_great product-good fast high and awesome flavour_
Reviewed by:  from ontario. on 1/21/2019
For those who went througt the same problem, this distilate has the perfect consistancy.not to hard not too liquid, at 40$-90% pure... hard to beat.
Reviewed by:  from Quebec. on 1/13/2019
Awesome product highly reccomend
Reviewed by:  from . on 12/20/2018
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