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Twisted Extracts Orange Jelly Bomb – Sativa (80mg THC)

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Sativa fruit gummy. Comes in a resealable bag.

Active ingredient: Sativa cannabis extract winterized and decarboxylated.

Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, corn starch, sorbitol, artificial colour and flavouring.

Please Note: Twisted Extracts has always used a Sativa Dominate cannabis extract to infuse into their Hybrid Jelly Bombs and Cara-Melts.  To reflect this, they have started producing packaging that says “Sativa” on it instead of “Hybrid.”  Their product and the extracts they use have not changed.  Please do not be alarmed if you receive new product that says “Sativa” on it instead of “Hybrid.”

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