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Vision Spinner II Cannabis E-Joint

Vision Spinner II Cannabis E-Joint


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The Vision Spinner 2 is the most powerful variable voltage eGo today at 1600mAh. Its high-capacity battery cell allows users to vape all day on a single charge, adjusting voltage output as they go. Lightweight and compact, the Vision Spinner 2 is one of the most portable variable voltage devices available on the market. They come loaded and charged with up to 150 - 300 puffs per E-Joint.

Low odor and discrete, each E-Joint comes with a strain specific BHO concentrated THC oil. BHO extracted from top quality nugs. 

Each cartridge is filled with 500mg of oil and contains approximately 30~40% THC (THC Content varies by strain). Charger / Battery included.

Experience cannabis without any of the hassle. No PG/PEG.
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