Do you know your eighth from an ounce and how much you’re getting in a quarter bag? Weed measurements can get a little confusing at times. Experienced buyers have a good idea of what they’re getting, but for some, it’s hard to keep track of just how much you’re getting for your buck. Luckily, we’ve got a weed measurements guide to simplify things.

Usually, cannabis comes in specific increments- a gram, an eighth, a quarter, a half ounce, and then we start getting into ounces. Generally, buying more will result in more pot for your dollars, but dispensaries often have other offers such as pre-rolled joints of certain amounts.

While you may know how much pot you want, you might get confused when it comes to buying concentrates, edibles, and oils. Not to mention measurements such as THC and CBD content or indica to sativa ratio.

All of these things can be hard to keep track of, so here’s a weed measurements guide to explain what it all means.


Weed Measurements Guide

Most commonly, you’ll be dealing with measurements for cannabis flower. These are usually sold in fractions of an ounce. These same quantities also apply when you’re buying cannabis concentrates. Here are the weed measurements you have to choose from:

A Gram

When you’re buying from a dispensary or online, a gram of weed is the lowest quantity you’ll find. This a small, coin-sized quantity, although it might last you a couple of sessions.

2011 study found that marijuana users used around 0.39 grams in a pipe or 0.66 grams in a joint on average. So a gram of weed could give you around 2 small joints. Canadians will pay around $8.24 – 8.98 CAD per gram according to a 2018 Consumer Report.

An Eighth (3.5 grams)

This is one-eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams to be exact. Many people opt to buy their weed in eighths- you get a good per-gram price for a kiwi-sized amount that can last you around a week if you use it conservatively.

Experienced weed smokers will most likely want more, but an eighth is a good place to start if you’re trying out a strain or trying weed for the first time. Buying an eighth from a Canada dispensary will usually cost around $30 – $35 CAD ($8.5 – $10 per gram), although it may be higher or lower depending on strain quality.

A Quarter (7 grams)

The next step-up is a quarter-ounce, giving you twice as much as an eighth. This gives you plenty of cannabis, around the size of an apple. It can last you a few weeks or more, depending on how much you use and how you use it.

You can buy a ounce of some strains, such as Kosher Kush, as low as $39 CAD, giving you $1.5 per gram! This allows for huge savings and enough weed for any purposes.

A Half (14 grams)

Next, we get into the quantities for people who smoke regularly and need their weed to last them for a long time. A half-ounce can fill up your entire palm, and you’ll get much better savings per-gram.

Prices can vary depending on strain quality. For instance, you can buy 14 grams of Afghani for $85.00 or a half ounce of Pink Kush at $90.00. At $6.10 – $6.40 per gram, this is where the big savings start.

An Ounce (28 grams)

If you really want to buy bulk weed in Canada, an ounce should give you more than enough. An ounce is 28 grams of weed. Not only can you make this last a long time, but you can also make great savings per gram.

Much like with other quantities, the price of an ounce varies depending on the type and quality of the strain. However, you can buy cheap weed, equaling around $1.5 per gram! This is the best way to make huge savings.

Those who need more can buy multiple ounces, whereas sellers might buy by the pound. However, you’re unlikely to need these quantities unless you’re a dispensary.

How Much Weed Can You Legally Buy?

The decision of how much weed to buy can also revolve around how much you can legally possess. The Canada Cannabis Act sets the following limits for cannabis and related products:

·         30 grams of dried cannabis

·         150 grams of fresh cannabis

·         450 grams of edibles

·         2250 grams of liquids

·         7.5 grams of cannabis concentrates (solid or liquid)

·         30 cannabis seeds

When buying from a dispensary, it’s best to keep to an ounce of weed at maximum. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Medical patients have a higher limit at 150 grams (or a 30-day supply) according to government regulations. You’re also able to store as much cannabis as you want at home, provided it is kept safe.

For casual recreational use, you shouldn’t need more than an ounce. Of course, you can always top up your supply by having more delivered when you need it, even if you have some at home.

How Much Weed Should You Buy?

The amount of weed you should buy depends on a number of factors. Think about how much you plan to use, your tolerance, how long you want it to last for, and the quality of the product.

Beginner users might want to start off small and buy an eighth or even a few eighths of different strains. This allows you to test out the product or decide which you like best.

More experienced users might want a quarter or half-ounce to last them through the week (or month). Those with higher tolerance levels will need more to get them high each time they smoke or use weed.

Buying an ounce is a good idea if you want your weed to last you a long time. You won’t need to keep topping up your supply for a while- think of it as buying in bulk. What’s more, you’ll get a much better price-per-gram.

What’s A Dime Bag or Dub Sack?

Weed measurements are a little different when it comes to street sales. Dealers are known to sell in quantities such as dime bags, dub sacks or other names such as ten bags.

Generally, a dime bag or ten bag is $10 worth of weed which can be anything from 0.5 grams to a gram depending on whom you buy from. A dub sack is $20, usually amounting to twice as much.

However, users report getting different quantities and these measurements aren’t always reliable. Generally, using a dispensary or buying weed online is a safer option for ensuring the quality, value, and legality of your marijuana purchases.

Cannabis Concentrates Measurements

The measurements you deal with when buying weed are similar to when you buy cannabis concentrates. However, concentrates such as hash and shatter are much more potent. Therefore, they’re sold more often in lower measurements since you can get more out of a small amount.

Generally, concentrates cost more per-gram. For instance, a gram of Moroccan Hash costs around $16.20 – $20 CAD per gram while a gram of shatter costs around $35 – $45 CAD from online dispensaries.

Again, buying in higher quantities is more cost-effective. For instance, you can buy hash online at $35 for 2 grams or $110 for 7 grams (a quarter-ounce).

Edibles Measurements

The way edibles are measured for consumption is a little different. Naturally, the weight of edibles will vary wildly depending on the type of product. A rice crispy square will naturally weigh more than a gummy, but the two can have the same amount of THC and be just as potent.

Edibles are highly potent, so a 10-20mg THC serving can be enough to give you a long-lasting high.

You can find all the information on the THC and CBD measurements of edibles on the packaging or in online descriptions.

Indica to Sativa Measurements

Strains of weed often have measurements of indica to sativa. Indica and sativa cannabis are two different types of plants which are known to give you different effects. Indica is more relaxing, sedating, and useful for medical use. Sativa is known for its stimulating mental and psychoactive properties.

You can buy indica strainssativa strains or hybrid strains with a mix of both. These often have ratios of indica to sativa. For instance, those who want a balance of both indica and sativa effects might go for a balanced 50:50 strain.


Once you know what it all means, it isn’t hard to wrap your head around weed measurements. Whether you want an eighth of weed to test it out or buy a full ounce to keep your supply strong, you can buy online in whichever quantity you want.

Buying more often results in higher savings, and some dispensaries even have discounts for buying in bulk. For instance, at Leaf2go you can get up to 50% off the more you buy. You also get free shipping on any orders over $150. Of course, smaller quantities are also available, so no matter how much you need, you’re covered.