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Yeti Monster Magic Mushrooms - AAAA Cubensis
Yeti Monster Magic Mushrooms - AAAA Cubensis

Yeti Monster Magic Mushrooms - AAAA Cubensis

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Very High Potency Limited Quantity

Yeti Magic Mushrooms are relatively new strain. However, creating Yeti Magic Mushrooms took a lot of time and effort. 

The story goes that a mycological mastermind named Jik Fibs was after a true albino version of the famous Golden Teacher strain. While growing GT’s in a monotub, luck would have it that five albino mushrooms sprouted. 

This is because Jik Fibs grew the GT’s with a multi-spore and not an isolate. Jik Fibs took this albino Golden Teacher and then refined it. That’s where the famous True Albino Teacher (TAT) magic mushroom strain comes from. 

However, Jik Fibs wasn’t done yet and wanted to take the strain further. Over the next few years, he isolated and refined new varieties of TAT. Finally, he found a variety that blew his mind in terms of potency and looks. That strain would become known as Yeti- the Yeti Magic Mushrooms. 

Thanks to its unique looks and out-of-this-world effects, Yeti is one of the most sought-after strains globally. Yeti Magic Mushrooms are a unique variety of True Albino Teachers. 

They are recognized by their thick white bodies and large albino caps. In addition, the blue-hued stems tease their psilocybin potency! Yeti’s effects are above average and therefore not for the faint of heart. You may experience open and closed eye visuals and feelings of euphoria. 

Play some music for an amazing auditory experience!

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